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Doctors and embryologists of the ISIDA clinic took part in the All-Ukrainian Vitrification Training

ISIDA clinic doctors regularly take part in the work of foreign and domestic scientific and practical conferences, symposiums, seminars and trainings. This gives you the opportunity to get acquainted with new developments in the field of reproductive medicine and share your own achievements and knowledge with colleagues. So, on February 26-27, 2019, an All-Ukrainian training on vitrification by Cryotech was held, in which 20 embryologists from all over Ukraine took part. Of course, among the participants of the training were doctors and embryologists of the ISIDA clinic.

The training was conducted by specialists from Japan, students of Dr. Matsushito Kuwayama (the “father” of the modern vitrification method). The main advantage of this method is the 100% survival rate of biological material without any changes after defrosting. According to the results of the training, all embryologists of the ISIDA clinic received certificates confirming their absolute possession of this freezing method.

Evgeniya Grigorievna Ulayeva, head of the biotechnological laboratory, a geneticist, an endocrinologist (male factor of infertility), received a trainer’s certificate, which gives the right to teach other embryologists the Cryotech method. Already in the fall of 2019, another training is planned for specialists who want to learn this method. The planned training will be conducted by the specialists of the ISIDA clinic.

We remind you that vitrification is a modern way of preserving oocytes and embryos. This method has replaced slow freezing and has a number of advantages. When using the vitrification method, oocytes or embryos are immersed in a cryoprotective solution, which does not crystallize during rapid cooling, but becomes like glass. This protects the frozen material from damage: after thawing, the embryos and oocysts retain their viability and are suitable for use in the IVF program.

We talked more about the vitrification method in article.

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