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Cranes of ISIDA

According to Japanese legend, if you make 1,000 origami cranes, you will be guaranteed the fulfillment of one wish. ISIDA Clinic fulfills the biggest dreams of our patients every day, so we chose the origami crane as our totem.

Every patient from our infertility treatment department now receives such a wooden crane as a symbol of hope and good luck. Some of our patients have already started sending us their photos with these cranes from their hometowns, and we are always very happy to see how our cranes travel around the world! 🙂

Now we have decided to introduce a new category #isidacranes in social networks, where we will show our little origami travelers, and we start this category with the first photo from Beijing.

To join our gallery of hope and fulfillment of wishes, post your photos of ISIDA cranes with the hashtag #isidacranes or send us your photos, and we will publish them in our social networks (anonymously, if you want).

Let’s collect our 1000 cranes! 🙂

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