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Assisted reproductive technologies have become even more effective in ISIDA

Statistics show that every year the indicator of the effectiveness of assisted reproductive technologies in the ISIDA clinic is steadily growing. In the last two years, the indicators of successful programs have been particularly high, thanks to the introduction of a number of innovative research and diagnostic innovations, the improvement of existing methods of infertility treatment, as well as the high professionalism and dedication of our specialists.

We are proud that the number of cases of hyperstimulation in ISIDA has decreased by 30-40% – this is a wonderful result! It is possible to avoid complications with the introduction of drugs to stimulate the maturation of ova by using gentle stimulation schemes and an individual approach to the choice of treatment protocols.

Unfortunately, even minor signs of hyperstimulation can negatively affect the onset of pregnancy – in such cases, the optimal solution is cryopreservation of the embryo and the transfer when the woman’s body recovers after hormonal drugs. IVF in a cryocycle at ISIDA has also reached an extremely high level – in two years the efficiency has doubled, to 60% of successful implantations, thanks to the use of a modern method of embryo vitrification.

One of the key keys to the success of IVF programs at the ISIDA clinic is to reduce the number of embryos transferred to the patient, because our goal is not the onset of pregnancy at any cost, but the birth of a healthy child. This avoids the risks associated with multiple pregnancies, while the effectiveness of ART does not decrease, and the number of successful pregnancies increases due to a whole range of improvements. In addition, an increase in the percentage of successful implantations became possible due to the implementation of embryo transfer on the fifth day of development, and not on the third or fourth, since during this period it becomes possible to apply more reliable criteria for embryo selection.

Another secret of the high effectiveness of our infertility treatment programs is the use of innovative diagnostic methods in the field of ART. These include innovative, reference preimplantation diagnostics or screening (PGD/ PGS) by the NGS method (allows you to determine chromosomal abnormalities at the DNA level in the embryo with an accuracy of 99.9%) and endometrial immune histochemistry (analysis to determine the state of estrogen and progesterone receptors, as well as the presence of chronic endometritis). The diagnosis of obstruction of the fallopian tubes has become more perfect – X-ray examination has replaced ultrasound. If the previous method was informative only by 50%, then the X-ray guarantees up to 95-98% of the reliability of the result obtained.

«The improvement of reproductive technologies at ISIDA is the result of the teamwork of many specialists, doctors and biologists, – emphasizes one of the leading reproductologists of the ISIDA clinic Miroslava Vatsik. – The diagnosis and treatment of infertility in ISIDA provides for the use of all modern medical capabilities for women’s and men’s health: genetic and immunological studies, minimally traumatic minimally invasive surgical solutions, individually selected medical treatment, advanced biotechnology».

Every day we strive to improve the level of services provided and acquire new skills and knowledge, introduce innovative methods of infertility treatment and improve existing ones, acting solely in the interests of our patients in order to achieve even more outstanding results together!

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