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A new approach in IVF programs with donor oocytes at the ISIDA clinic

Most of the foreign patients who choose ISIDA clinic for infertility treatment in Ukraine come to us for IVF programs using donor eggs. This is not surprising, because today in the ISIDA clinic, the effectiveness of programs using donor eggs is 65% in one cycle, and in three donation cycles (1 fresh cycle + 2 cryocycles), the effectiveness of treatment is even higher – 86%. Such figures correspond to the best results of the world’s leading clinics in the treatment of infertility, while our indicators are constantly growing.

The ISIDA clinic team applies all its knowledge and experience in the fight for the main thing – the birth of healthy children in our patients. Therefore, every day we strive to improve and improve the level of services provided, while adhering to European treatment protocols and maintaining an individual approach to each patient. The diagnosis and treatment of infertility in ISIDA involves the use of all modern medical capabilities, and one of the latest innovations in our clinic is an IVF program with donor oocytes with guaranteed blastocysts.

The blastocyst is the stage of embryo development at which it, under natural conditions of conception, attaches to the uterine wall. As world practice shows, the transfer of blastocysts gives more chances for a favorable outcome of IVF. With natural conception, it is at this time that the fertilized egg approaches the uterus through the fallopian tube, so the transfer of embryos into the uterus during IVF at this stage is more physiological and effective. In addition, it is important to understand that the potential of the transferred embryo has a significant impact on the probability of pregnancy. The transfer of a five-day embryo allows specialists to select the highest quality blastocyst, which will be transferred to the recipient’s uterine cavity at the most appropriate time for this.

For those patients who need IVF with donor oocytes, the ISIDA clinic selects a donor from its own database, which includes more than 860 candidates, and offers to choose one of the donation programs with guaranteed two or four blastocysts. Please note that all donors undergo a thorough selection, a detailed medical and psychological examination. The clinic guarantees that the donor will be as close as possible in terms of phenotypic characteristics and blood type to the patient.

It is important for us that our patients always feel in safe hands! Therefore, you can be sure that by applying for treatment at ISIDA, you will receive a specific result in the form of at least 2 embryos, respectively, your chances of a favorable IVF program will increase significantly. The cost of IVF using donor oocytes (at least 4 blastocysts guaranteed) and medicines for the recipient will be 6,004.00 EUR. The cost of donor selection and stimulation, as well as the ICSI procedure, vitrification of the remaining embryos and their storage for 1 year are already included in the total cost of treatment.

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