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10,000 th child of ISIDA

The long-awaited son of Vanya Tatiana VTORUK and Dmitry MARTYNENKO became the 10,000th child born in ISIDA, and he was born not alone, but in the company of his sister Marichka.

Both mom and ISIDA doctors had to fight for the kids. The twins were born prematurely – at the 30th week of pregnancy. The girl weighed 1120 g, and the boy – 1260.

“These are our first and very, very desirable children,” says Tatiana. “They appeared after 10 years of waiting and six unsuccessful IVF. Preparing for manipulation for the seventh time, my husband and I agreed that this attempt would be the last. But ISIDA gave us a miracle – our family was replenished with two wonderful crumbs. The path to parenthood was not easy – fortunately, ISIDA was always there.”

The clinic’s specialists are ready for non-standard situations. As soon as the babies were born, ISIDA neonatologists surrounded them with attention and care.

“It is impossible to express in words how difficult it was after giving birth. The suspense was most depressing: the babies were taken to the intensive care unit, and I could only wait,” Tatiana recalls. “But after seeing how specialists treat children, I realized: this is how professionals with vast experience work. And I calmed down: my children are in safe hands! I was deeply touched by the careful and attentive attitude of doctors and nurses of the neonatology department to young patients. The doctors did everything possible to ensure that our babies began to gain weight steadily. And by the time of discharge – two months later – the boy weighed 2280, and his girl – 2580 g.”

The news that Vanyusha became the 10 thousandth child born in ISIDA, very excited and pleased his parents. And the certificate for the “Pediatric Weekend Package”, presented by a representative of the clinic, became the first award in the life of the newborn Vanya. His sister Marichka received the same gift.

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