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Cost of the treatment

The highest treatment success rates, professionalism of our doctors and excellent service quality are among major reasons why foreign patients would choose ISIDA. Moderate prices are another key factor.

Moreover, ISIDA divides your financial expenses, offering you a guaranteed 50% discount for a preliminary "Examination before ART". 

If you are not recommended to undergo any additional diagnostic and treatment procedures, you will not be required to pay additional fees in ISIDA clinic.

Name of serviceCost with VAT, EUR
Pleliminary check-up
Package «Examinations before IVF for women» 350,00
Package «Examinations before IVF for men» 66,00
Spermogram 30,00
Treatment programs
In vitro fertilization (with medications) – 1st attempt 3 876,60
In vitro fertilization in natural cycle with the transfer of cryopreserved embryos (IVF+CRYO) (with medications) – 1st attempt 2 623,20
In vitro fertilization in natural cycle (with medications) – 1st attempt 2 351,40
In vitro fertilization with embryo accumulation (with medications) – 1st attempt 3 610,20
In vitro fertilization with the use of donor’s oocytes (up to 16 oocytes) with medications for recipient – 1st attempt 6 004,20
In vitro fertilization with the use of donor’s oocytes (up to 8 oocytes) with medications for recipient 4 176,00
In vitro fertilization with the use of vitrification donor’s oocytes (up to 8 oocytes) with medications for recipient 3 007,20
"Credence" In vitro fertilization programme – two attempts. 8 047,00
"Credence" In vitro fertilization programme – three attempts. 9 268,20
Surrogacy Programs on request
Intrauterine insemination with husband’s sperm 740,00
Intrauterine insemination with donor sperm 1 084,00
Intracytoplasmic sperm injection of oocyte (ICSI) 579,00
Assisted hatching 166,20
Testicular Sperm Aspiration (TESA) 132,60
Sperm cryopreservation 169,00
Oocytes, blastocyst, embryo vitrification and storage for 1 year 480,60
Donor sperm (one dose) 254,00
Storage of cryopreserved materials (sperm, embryos, ovules) (12 months) 185,00
Vitrification of oocytes with medication 2 800,80
Diagnostic methods
Ultrasound monitoring of follicle and endometrium development 71,40
Echosalpingography 91,80
Hysterosalpingography 143,40
PGS-NGS Aneuploidies of all chromosomes, 1 embryo 467,00

1. IVF 3 877 EUR

Preliminary consultation, ultrasound monitoring during the entire treatment cycle, stimulation to induce ovulation, puncture, ICSI and embryotransfer will take place in ISIDA. You will be under constant supervision of our doctors throughout the entire treatment.

* The package price will be lower when the stimulation is performed by your doctor in your local clinic and you arrive at ISIDA clinic for the puncture and transfer.

2. IVF with the use of donor oocytes 6 004 EUR

A unique feature of this package is that part of the procedure is performed remotely. You will undergo a preliminary check-up at a place of your convenience and send the results back to us.

The package includes all required medications to induce the donor’s ovulation and carry out ICSI.

3. Credence program

"Credence" is a unique infertility treatment program with the use of donor oocytes. 100% refund is guaranteed if the pregnancy is not achieved following two or three IVF cycles. 

The program is designed to protect our patients in the best possible way, allowing to receive the best results with a maximum treatment payback. It helps significantly mitigate financial risks associated with unsuccessful IVF treatment with donor oocytes and lets the patients plan their expenses easily, knowing the program’s fixed fee (1 fresh embryo + 1 or 2 vitrified ones).

In cases where complete treatment cycle does not result in a pregnancy after 2 or 3 fertilization attempts depending on the program type, the patient receives a full refund of the program fee.

It is important to keep in mind that there are so-called exclusionary criteria, i.e. the list of medical constraints preventing the patient from using this program. These are:

  • congenital abnormalities of the uterus;
  • Asherman's syndrome and/or intrauterine adhesion which cannot be corrected surgically;
  • endometrial hypoplasia (hypotrophy);
  • uterine hypoplasia of III-IV degree;
  • recurrent miscarriage;
  • multiple (at least 2) unsuccessful attempts of IVF with donor eggs, which includes spontaneous miscarriage during the 1st trimester;
  • severe male factor infertility;
  • high risk of pregnancy loss during the 1st trimester.

The services listed below are included in the program: IVF with donor oocytes and medications for the recipient - 1 attempt; vitrification of embryos and their storage for 18 months; sperm vitrification and its storage for 18 months; IVF with vitrified embryos and medications for the recipient – 1 or 2 attempts, depending on the program type; intracytoplasmic injection of one sperm cell (ICSI); embryo cultivation to the blastocyst stage; ultrasound monitoring during the entire treatment cycle; monitoring of the hormones during the entire treatment cycle; stay in a day-patient department after the embryo transfer; professional medical advice during treatment cycle; pregnancy tests, including determination of chorionic gonadotropic hormone in the blood and transvaginal ultrasound during the treatment cycle.

Fee: Credence Program 2 Attempts – 8 048 EUR; Credence Program 3 Attempts –  9 268 EUR.

4. Surrogacy Program

Benefits of the Surrogacy Programs at ISIDA:

  • A unique in Ukraine comprehensive approach – from the donor selection to the newborn care.
  • All-inclusive package – from the detailed diagnosis of surrogate mother to the newborn care.
  • The clinic has the longest experience in prenatal care after in vitro fertilization.
  • Our own neonatology allows us to nurse the preterm neonate of the gestational age less than 31 weeks.
  • The best price for a set of programsYour personal manager will be accompanying you during all phases of the program and will assist you with the provision of medical documentation.
  • Legislation loyal to the Assisted Reproduction Programs.
  • No waiting list.
  • Continuity of physicians in a comprehensive approach provides an integrated assessment in order to make your dream of a child come true!

 Each package includes all required routine medications and ICSI.

Our treatment packages are most affordable in Europe. This is explained by following factors:

  • Relatively inexpensive cost of the services provided by health care personnel, when compared to other European countries. This factor, however, has nothing to do with the quality of services and is simply a peculiarity of the local labor market;
  • Special terms of cooperation with the world's leading pharmaceutical companies. The large patient flow allows them to offer our clinic the minimum prices. In turn, we apply no extra charges to medication prices, for the keystone of our business is the provision of high quality medical services, and not the sale of pharmaceuticals;
  • Relatively inexpensive donor services;
  • Clinic’s profitability rate: we maintain the balance. Our main task is to help as many people as possible to experience the joy of parenthood.