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Cost of the treatment

We do understand how important is the cost of the treatment for our patients. This is why we try to be extremely honest and transparent with you. High success rates, professionalism of our doctors and excellent service quality are among major reasons why foreign patients would choose ISIDA. Affordable and moderate prices are another key factors. 

We have a wide variety of different IVF packages. Based on your requirements, you can resort to the program that is the most suitable and manageable for you.

Our prices for IVF programs using own oocytes vary from 2 900 to 5 000 euro, and IVF with donor's oocytes may cost you from 4 000 to 8 000 euro. Moreover, we have exclusive guaranteed packages with the use of donor's eggs for you to make sure that in the result you will have your desired baby.

Our price guide will give you a clear understanding of our services and let you choose the best option for you.


When do I need to perform the payment?
Within 7 banking days before the start of IVF program.
Is it possible to pay in euro? How?
Yes, you can perform the payment in euro with the help of a bank transfer. Our manager will provide you with an official invoice and our bank details.
May I pay directly in the clinic in euro in cash?
Please be aware that according to Ukrainian legislation all the payments shall be done in national currency. So, it is not possible to pay in euro in cash.
Which credit cards you accept?
We accept all the credit cards, except for American Express and Union Pay. However, kindly ask you to pay attention that very often the foreign patients have the limit on their credit card that does not allow them to cover the necessary expenses. This is why it is important to take care of it prior to the arrival and lift the limit to be fully prepared.
Are there any restrictions for payment?
Paying directly in the clinic in cash, please bear in mind that we have a limit - you cannot pay more than 50 000 hryvnas a day. So, if the cost of the services that you receive in ISIDA exceeds this amount and you stay in Ukraine only for 1 day, we would recommend to conduct payment via bank transfer or by card.
Are there any extra charges I need to know about?
All IVF packages do not cover preliminary examinations and include only 1 embryo transfer (except for guaranteed programs). The next embryo transfer with remaining embryos shall be paid separately. Our friendly and dedicated coordinators will give you an exhaustive information regarding the stages of every program, so you will understand how many you pay and for what exactly.
How can I understand what additional expenses could be?
Each case is different and we use individual approach to meet the requirements and do the best for the patient. Only after initial consultation with our specialist, you will be able to understand which additional testing could be prescribed. To book an appointment, please contact us via email info@isida-ivf.com or call our coordinator +380 67 825 7460.
What shall I pay special attention to?
It is important to be aware that we have a fixed price in euro and in hryvnas. The last one does not depend on the exchange rate in the bank and always remains the same. In case it is more preferable for you to pay in cash in hryvnas or by card directly in the clinic, please contact our patient coordinator to find out the fixed price of any service in hryvnas.