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How are the donors selected

  • Donation of oocytes is a special procedure used in cases where the quality or the quantity of the patient’s eggs is determined as the obstacle in the way of a successful pregnancy. Another reason why a patient would want to choose to use a donor of oocytes is because during the process of genetics screening the risk of a single or multiple hereditary genetic disorders was identified as high.
  • In 80% of the cases, foreign patients who come to seek help in our clinic have already had an unsuccessful IVF treatment in another clinic. In some cases our doctors recommend donor oocytes because it might be the most appropriate course of treatment for that particular patient.
  • Success rates of one cycle with the use of donor eggs are around 56%. Foreign and local patients are delighted to know our three-cycle donation program has a success rate of 86%.
  • These figures are amongst the best in world of IVF. We are considered a leader of IVF in Ukraine. Foreign patients come to us because the quality of service is equal to, and in some cases better than in the country of their residence, at a fraction of the price, and no waiting lists.
  • Selection of the donors is a very important process in the IVF treatment and our clinic approaches it meticulously. We have a growing donor base that we work with continuously; each donor goes through a rigorous selection process, where each undergoes medical, psychological, and genetic screening in order to be applicable to become a donor. After the donor has passed all the preliminary tests he would enter our donor database.

Our donor database
is continuously updated:


Ukraine is a country where population is predominant Caucasian. The country’s population has a large verity of different phenotypes. Ukraine ranks 10th in the World Average IQ Rating, the population is well educated, and Ukrainian women are renowned for their beauty.

Only physically and mentally healthy women without bad habits (drug addiction, alcohol and substance abuse), between the ages of 20 to 32, who already have healthy children, can become donors. Information about donors is entered into the database.

If the patient has been recommended to try the treatment with the use of a donation, the donor with similar phenotype characteristics to those of the patient will be selected by our doctors, so that the patient’s baby will inherent similar traits.

One of the biggest advantages for our foreign patients is our approach to information confidentiality. The egg donation is an anonymous process in Ukraine. Neither you nor your donor will know who the other party is.

The cost of the donor selection and stimulation is included in the total cost of the IVF treatment. You will not be required to pay any additional fees.

1. Selection of a suitable donor You and your doctor together determine the desired characteristics of the donor. Our staff then picks the most suitable candidate from the donor database and invites her to participate in the program 2. Synchronization of the menstrual cycle With the use of special medications the donor’s menstrual cycle is synchronized with yours. You can receive medications either in ISIDA Clinic or in another clinic at the place of your residence.

The donor is prepared in our clinic. Superovulation stimulation will be performed under ultrasound monitoring. We remain closely in touch with all our foreign patients in order to inform them regarding the process of the procedure.
3. Puncture and fertilizationWhen the oocytes mature, they are punctured and fertilized by your spouse’s sperm.
Our program guarantees that you receive 5 fully-functional eggs.

By the time the oocytes mature, your uterine lining will be already and prepared for the implantation and pregnancy.
4. Embryo transferAfter 3-5 day of embryos development, the embryos are transferred into the uterus. During this period you will remain in the comforts of your single room. After the transfer you will be prescribed medications to support the luteal phase of the cycle. Within a few days you will be able to return home, and remain away from physical and metal stress.

In case you would like to expand your family further, the same donor can be used in future IVF treatments, this needs to be discussed with our doctor during your first consultation. Any unused oocytes can also be cryogenically frozen for future IVF treatments.