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For Doctors

Joint infertility treatment programs between the doctor in the country of patient`s residence and ISIDA clinic`s doctors are well-established medical practices, a partnership that allows you to achieve results consistently.

How we can help you


Vitrification of

Vitrification of

Transportation of fresh embryos

Perform a full or partial cycles of treatment of patients in the ISIDA clinic

What is important:

  • You have an appropriate embryology laboratory, which is ready to accept and implement all the necessary procedures;
  • Preliminary approval of a clear protocol between our clinics.

Algorithm of the partnership

  1. To receive an exclusive commercial offer with individual cooperation terms, please, contact us by email or fill out the cooperation form;

  2. Our manager will contact you to discuss the details and answer to possible questions;
  3. Approve the conditions and patient care protocols;
  4. Signing of the contract;
  5. For the embryos vitrification: you send us a frozen sperm sample. We do the fertilization of donor oocytes and send you vitrificated embryos. Donor sperm can be used for fertilization;
  6. For the vitrification of oocytes: After the agreement of the protocol, we conduct a vitrification of donor oocytes and send them to you;
  7. Transportation of fresh embryos: donated oocytes are transported fresh, not vitrificated, in a special box. This procedure is only possible with a fast transportation, preferably during several hours;
  8. Perform a full or partial cycles of patient care at ISIDA clinic. You conduct an examination of the patient in your clinic. Together we synchronize our patient and donor cycles. The patient comes to the ISIDA clinic the day before the puncture of the donor. Here we conduct the fertilization and transfer, after that the patient is returned to you. In such cases, doctors often form groups of patients and accompany them to our clinic.

Why us

A successful long-term experience of cooperation with foreign clinics.

Every year 45% of all cycles in the clinic are performed on foreign patients.

The high efficiency of the procedures - the average response to stimulation - 18 eggs, out of which 12-13 mature.

Every month about 80 fresh cycles are exported abroad in special transport boxes, not including Vitrified embryos.

Constantly growing donor database – today there are about 700 people, fully surveyed and ready to take part in the program. The selection of new donors takes place constantly, every month about 30 new people are added to the database. The database has a filter by the color of hair, eyes, skin, blood group and Rh factor.

Our donors - healthy women under the age of 32 years, with confirmed fertility. Each donor undergoes a medical and psychological examination, and genetic tests to the most frequently encountered genetic disease. People who have bad habits are not included in the donor base. Donation in Ukraine is anonymous.

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