IVF Abroad: Quality of the Procedure that Depends on Its Place

IVF Abroad: Quality of the Procedure that Depends on Its Place

According to the results of numerous medical studies and investigations, the overwhelming majority of women, who are searching for IVF solutions, fail to conceive due to physical ailments and disorders. While some of them require treatment, others will never be reduced. Consequently, IVF seems to be the only solution for such patients.

Generally, in vitro fertility (IVF) is a quite safe and beneficial option for those who strive to become parents but do not have such an opportunity. However, the process presupposes the combination of an egg with sperm outside the body. After 2-6 days, when the fertilized egg undergoes embryo culture, it is implanted in the female uterus.

With the development of technology and the constant advancement of medicine, people have got a unique chance to conceive and give birth to a child, no matter what. However, at this point, it is indispensable to mention that finding a reliable and reputable IVF clinic may be a challenging and time-consuming task. One should remember that the experience of the procedure will depend on the qualification of workers, equipment, and some other aspects.

Should I go abroad to get the desired IVF? This is one of the most common questions people ask when they finally get ready to start the treatment. Are you one of them? Keep reading to get detailed information about various options, their advantages, and downsides. Weigh all the pros and cons to make the right choice and avoid mistakes.

IVF in the UK and USA: Features and Downsides of the Experience

Fertility tourism is a notion that is getting increasingly popular among the perspective IVF patients. To cut a long story short, it is when you choose to travel abroad to get the desired fertility treatment. The main question that arises here is whether the result is worth the effort.

Do you consider heading to the UK or USA to get your fertility treatment? Well, probably some of these factors will make you change your mind:

No support. This is one of the most significant points that prevent most patients from IVF abroad. Not only the physical condition of a woman but also her psychological state matters a lot. The absence of support from the partner, family, and friends may lead to unwanted outcomes and a significant decrease in the procedure success rates;
Risk of multiple pregnancies. Although the UK and USA are well-developed countries, IVF outcomes depend mainly on the clinic you choose. With the increasing number of trusted and time-tested options, the quantity of fake and scam companies is also advancing. Consequently, if you go abroad to get the desired IVF, you need to be ready to have a high-risk pregnancy.
Expenses. In addition to the costly treatment, it is indispensable to mention that fertility treatment abroad is related to an unlimited number of other expenses, including traveling, transportation, housing, etc.

High Costs of IVF in the UK

Once you consider the idea of getting fertility treatment in the UK, you should mind all the factors that can influence the quality and convenience of the experience. According to the official information, there are over 90 IVF clinics registered in the United Kingdom. The cost of the process varies a lot, depending mainly on the reputation of the facility, processes included, and some other factors. However, it is critical to mention that the cheapest treatment here is around $2,800.

Long Queues to Mind

Apart from the comparatively high cost of the procedure, people who strive to get the desired fertility treatment in the UK should mind long queues and the necessity to wait for months to get the necessary therapy. If you aren’t ready to spend several months thinking about the IVF specifications and outcomes, then British clinic might not be an option for you because time matters here.

Advantages of IVF Abroad

Irrespective of numerous significant downsides of fertility treatment abroad, it is inevitable to pay due attention to the possible advantages as well. Beneficial services and competitive costs combined with the maximum safety of the experience are the basic reasons why fertility tourism is getting popular. Nonetheless, remember that striving to obtain such effects, the patient should be selective and responsible. Do a little research, read reviews and comments of previous customers to make sure the clinic you strive to cooperate with is worth your time, attention, and money.

Generally, patients single out the following advantages of IVF abroad:

  • The cost of the treatment. In most instances, it is the most significant point that makes people choose foreign countries for fertility treatment;
  • Donor options. A considerable number of patients are looking for egg and sperm donors, so they select countries where this option is more popular and accessible;
  • IVF success rates. No matter if you choose to get the fertility treatment at home or abroad, you need to pay due attention to the success rate of the procedure in the clinic you strive to cooperate with.
  • Benefits of IVF in Ukraine

Parents-to-be who are seeking peace, safety, and affordability of fertility treatment should consider Ukraine as an impressive alternative. There are numerous reasons why it is a worthy destination:

  • Legal issues. The Ukrainian legislation is simple and transparent when it comes to IVF, so patients are not likely to have problems with documents;
  • Cost. At this point, it is indispensable to mention that Ukraine is affordable and cost-effective not only when it comes to fertility treatment but also other aspects of life and treatment;
  • Medical standards. The country cares for the development and advancement of medicine, which means that the risks of multiple pregnancies and other issues are minimal.
  • IVF Treatment in ISIDA-IVF Clinic

With the rapidly increasing popularity of IVF, more and more Ukrainian clinics are offering their services. How is it possible to select a dependable and reputable one? Why don’t you entrust your health to professionals?

ISIDA is an innovative private center in Ukraine that is focused on female health and family planning matters. For over 25 years, professionals of ISIDA clinic have managed to achieve considerable improvements in the fertility success rates, quality, and safety of the procedures. According to the reviews of its patients, it is a comfortable, convenient, and reliable clinic that guarantees top-quality and affordable fertility treatment.

Why should you view ISIDA as an option for IVF abroad?

  • Success rates. 86.1% success per three attempts is an impressive rate that corresponds to the leading world clinics;
  • Credence program. An exclusive infertility treatment program presupposes the use of donor oocytes. Its main feature is a 100% refund guarantee in case of negative results after three IVF attempts;
  • IVF donorship programs. Irrespective of the diseases and ailments of your partner, you have an opportunity to give birth to a healthy child with the help of the donorship program.

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