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ISIDA cranes

ISIDA cranes

According to Japanese legend, if you fold 1,000 origami cranes you will be granted one wish. ISIDA clinic makes the biggest wishes of our patients true every day, so we have chosen the origami crane as our totem.

Every our Infertility Treatment Department`s patient now gets such wooden origami crane as a symbol of hope and eternal good luck. Some of our patients already sent to us pictures with these cranes from their home, and we love to see how our little crane travels the world! :)

So we have decided to start a new topic #isidacranes in social media with the first picture from Beijing.

To join our gallery of wishes and hope, post your own picture with our crane using a hashtag #isidacranes or send such picture to us and we will post it for you on our social networks (anonymously, if you want).

Let`s collect our own 1000 cranes! :)