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The impossible has become possible

The impossible has become possible

Thanks to the professionalism of the doctors at the Clinic - especially Svitlana Turbanist, - the impossible has become possible for me! The most important thing is to believe in yourself and trust your doctor who, apart from being a Medical Professional in the first place, eventually becomes your Friend! - says our patient T.

It so happened that in September 2014, I lost my only son. And for me, children always were the meaning of life. In August 2015, I had my first appointment at ISIDA and immediately realized that everything would work out here. And it did!

In November 2016, two little cuties - Herman and Yelyzaveta – were born at ISIDA. These two rays of light gave my life a meaning again, bringing bright colors into it. I've always said that children are creativity, whereas the motherhood is a calling. After giving birth to my two angels, I have not changed my mind. As I watch them sleep peacefully, yawn adorably and stare at me with those big eyes, my heart cannot contain all the joy and happiness.

Very special and heartfelt thanks go out to:

CEO at ISIDA IVF Medical Center LLC Viktor Kozin; Fertility Specialist Svitlana Turbanist; OB/GYNs Sergiy Mukhin who monitored the pregnancy; Vitaliy Zinchenko who admitted and stayed with me until the Maternity Ward; Olena Ivanyuta who performed the C-section masterfully; anesthesiologist Olena Smirnova and neonatologist Olena Hylobok-Yakovenko.

The high professionalism of the doctors, their understanding and sincerity were the ticket to success: the birth of beautiful and healthy babies! The beginning of a new life!