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International Quality Standards in ISIDA

International Quality Standards in ISIDA

On September 15-16, ISIDA has successfully undergone an independent audit and become the first Ukrainian clinic to obtain the Full Certificate for International Accreditation of Medical Institutions under the UK’s QHA Trent Standards for a time period of two years.

QHA Trent is a comprehensive standard applied to evaluate conformity of healthcare institutions with a special focus on services provided by them. Unlike ISO which is a manufacturing standard that describes unified processes occurring in any organization, QHA Trent is designed specifically for healthcare field and accredited by the International Society for Quality in Health Care.

Some companies are preparing for this audit for years, even though the results often turn out to be not as positive as one would expect. It must be emphasized that ISIDA has received high points only after 6 months of preparation. This showing that our clinic has strong quality management standards and practices associated, in particular, with regular quality audits according to ISO which ISIDA has been conducting since 2006.

“While preparing for the accreditation, our clinic has examined every single process - from corporate governance and financial transparency to all aspects of clinical activities with a focus on safety and risk reduction in health care - for strict compliance with QHA Trent,” - Oleg PETRENKO, Deputy CEO for Clinic’s Strategic Development noted.

This certification evidences that the majority of processes in ISIDA meet all international quality standards existing in health care sector, as well as helps to figure out the future direction of the clinic’s development in terms of continuous quality improvement since there are truly no limits to perfection.

Our patients may also see this as an important indicator proving that the services provided by the clinic are of the highest international quality. ISIDA guarantees safety and strives to ensure the best possible outcome for every patient.