/ / Embryologist Irina Zakharova underwent a training course in ORIGIO, Denmark

Embryologist Irina Zakharova underwent a training course in ORIGIO, Denmark

Embryologist Irina Zakharova underwent a training course in ORIGIO, Denmark

On March 28-29, 2017, an embryologist Irina Zakharova underwent a training course in ORIGIO, Malov, Denmark.

"As an embryologist, it was very interesting and instructive for me to visit the heart of the environment with which I work every day, personally to make sure of the highest level of quality control, to undergo training in some techniques, and also to make sure that the performance level of the ISIDA clinic really corresponds to the world standards," Dr. Zakharova shares her impressions.

The workshop in ORIGIO was dedicated to the biopsy technique at different stages of embryo development. Leading specialists of ORIGIO gave the workshop participants all necessary theoretical information on the polar body biopsy, demonstrated this technique in practice, taught those present to perform a biopsy on their own.
The analysis of the genetic material of polar body allows indirectly assessing the genetic health of an egg. For many countries, due to strict legislative regulation, this is the only option for genetic testing of an embryo.

In addition, we discussed the nuances of blastomere biopsy techniques on the third day of embryo fragmentation at the workshop in ORIGIO. The training courses in ORIGIO are distinguished by very good conditions: all workshop participants had the opportunity to test their ability to unerringly perform this manipulation in practice.
It should be noted that genetic testing on a single blastomere can be performed by the FISH method on a different number of chromosomes, depending on the indications. This method is easily implemented by the ISIDA genetic laboratory. However, this technique allows you to analyze a limited number of chromosomes, so it is not always an optimal diagnostic method.

Therefore, the technique of trophoblast cells biopsy on the fifth day of embryo development is being actively implemented in ISIDA.
We receive trophoblast cells for top-level preimplantation diagnostics using the NGS method (next generation sequencing). The separation of 4-7 trophoblast cells does not cause much damage to an embryo. "The purpose of this method is to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby," says Dr. Zakharova. "The top-level preimplantation diagnostics using the NGS method is performed only on a high-quality blastocyst. After biopsy, all embryos are frozen and if the analysis shows that these embryos are genetically healthy, a woman gets a very high chance to become pregnant and give birth to a healthy child. Workshops, like those in Denmark, give an opportunity for embryologists to learn new skills, improve their skills and communicate with colleagues from laboratories around the world."

For a number of years ORIGIO has been conducting trainings for embryologists in a special laboratory with all necessary equipment for practical training of all the main ART techniques. ORIGIO teachers are highly experienced embryologists with vast practical experience as well as invited experts in such fields as biopsy, andrology, cryopreservation.

A biologist Irina Zakharova has 13 years of experience and is a member of the Ukrainian Association of Embryologists. The Doctor regularly participates in workshops on clinical embryology, was a trainee of the III World Congress of the International Organization for Cryopreservation and Storage of Bio-reproductive Materials and participated in a workshop on cryopreservation methods.

Continuous professional development of all doctors is one of the top priority areas in the strategic development of ISIDA as well as a guarantee that a woman dreaming of pregnancy will have access to the most modern reproductive technologies in the ISIDA clinic.