/ / “We believe in you, ISIDA!”

“We believe in you, ISIDA!”

“We believe in you, ISIDA!”

“We believe in you, ISIDA!”
These are the lines from a letter that came to ISIDA clinic from far away Venice. So, one more challenging story with happy end, one more story that brings hope and belief in miracle.

- M., tell us about your long-awaited motherhood - what do you feel now?

- I want to say about the most important thing, the result: our family has a daughter, now she is 1 year and 1 month old. She’s an amazing and bright person! All so-called disadvantages, which to some extent matriculated parents are experiencing - sleepless nights, lack of time for themselves, anxiety and fears for the baby – all this dissolves in her smile, look, laughter, voice - when she pronounces such long-awaited words: “mom” and “dad”.

- One can tell – you love her very much.

- The ancient Greeks distinguished among three types of love and designated them by three different words. Russian, Ukrainian and Italian languages have only one word expressing this feeling: любовь, кохання, amore. But the feeling that motherhood brings, it’s something special. And I am thankful to ISIDA Clinic for it, especially our guardian angels - Doctors. Because without them none of this would have happened!

- What brought you to Kiev, to ISIDA, as Venice is pretty far from here?

- I do not have the exact answer to this question, because we did not follow anyone’s recommendations. Me, living abroad for 20 years, and my husband, who was born and raised in Venice, we had some doubts. Before ISIDA we had covered a very long and very difficult way. Four premature pregnancies for three years, endless tests, medical procedures, consultations of various specialists, operations... All these bursts of joy from another positive test and then bitter disappointment of losing the pregnancy were difficult to endure. We have consulted leading clinics of Italy, traveled to Spain, Barcelona - one of the most “high-profile” reproductive clinics in Europe. And nothing. By the time we appeared in ISIDA, I had been as if at the bottom of the well. But somewhere at the bottom the hope of becoming a mother was still smoldering. My husband, by virtue of his inexhaustible optimism, supported me and did not allow me to give up.

- Consequently, you were not 100% set on the result?

- Actually, we arrived in Kiev with three different addresses of clinics - and I scheduled counseling interviews in all three of them. The first was ISIDA -, meeting with Viktor Mikhailovich. I want to say that as soon as we entered the hospital, it felt like home. Absolutely everyone was friendly and sincere! Beautifully decorated, comfortable, a building of glimmering cleanliness, professional and correct staff behavior, all of this could not but prepossess us. After an hour’s conversation with Doctor, I already knew: we were in the right place, we could get help here!

- In your opinion, what was the key to success of your pregnancy?

- I am an operating nurse by profession, and throughout the years of work, I learned an important truth: the patient’s trust in his doctor is one of the most powerful medication. No wonder, they say that the disease always hosts three people: patient, doctor and the medical problem itself. And the two are always together: either the patient and the disease against the doctor, or the patient and the doctor against the disease. And I know for sure that the patient’s contact with doctor, and belief in the result work wonders! Especially in such a delicate and miraculous undertaking as conception and birth of a child.When we met with the doctors of ISIDA clinic, I realized that we could make it! We did not even go on the counseling interviews to two other clinics. And with peace of mind, in a couple of months, we returned to ISIDA for treatment - and it worked!

- Do you think this is a happy circumstance?

- I do not know yet, what brought us just to ISIDA. I rather believe that my heart led me here. Our prayers, belief in miracle, our guardian angel... And also a great desire of our little daughter to be born! Nevertheless, we are very grateful to ISIDA for this great happiness, privilege and responsibility to be parents. And soon, we will surely return to this beautiful clinic for another miracle!