/ / ISIDA'S Reputation. The Value of Every employee

ISIDA'S Reputation. The Value of Every employee

ISIDA'S Reputation. The Value of Every employee

The chief executive and co-owner of ISIDA, Viktor Kozin, is speaking about the job of his dreams, about global things and details, about romantic and serious issues, about the importance of having experience and the mission of the clinic.

About Ukraine

I have always been a patriot of Ukraine. Whatever I do, I do it for its benefit. To adhere to basic values, to start a happy family, to raise kids, to build a house, a theater and a clinic – all this is also patriotism. I am Ukrainian and I am proud of it.

About Our Team

We do not aim at cultivating medical stars – we aim at building a team, or, to put it more exactly – we build teams according to their specialization. For example, when it comes to delivery, all the doctors of the lying-in division are equal in their skills. In its turn, the team is not interested in having weak players in it. In ISIDA, the value of a service is not limited to a doctor. Near him, there are many specialists: midwives, nurses, junior medical staff and many others. The whole team is working hard to provide an integrated quality service to a patient. Our patient does not pick up a doctor, our patient chooses ISIDA!

About Honesty

The most important for ISIDA is patient safety. Thus we always have to be responsible and honest. The culture of honesty is one of the key tools in ISIDA. This is what our patient expects from us. 

About Women

I have always treated a lady like a goddess. Perhaps it sounds like pathos but it is true. If we look at it from this viewpoint, it is very important for me that ISIDA should become the architect of a woman's health, happiness and wellbeing. Ladies always deserve a special treatment.

About Development

The history of ISIDA is evolutionary. Ladies themselves have built it, it is a result of their wishes. The same is happening to pediatrics now: After the period of patronage mothers do not want to leave us, and it means that the clinic is on the right way, that it should develop and grow. Today we are improving this direction – in the near future we plan to make it even stronger.

About Reputation

More and more of new customers come to us, so ISIDA has a well-deserved reputation. The most important thing here – a human factor! A reputation consists of a great deal of small issues. Each employee is valuable, because each of them forms a positive image of ISIDA for patients.

About Qualification

We allocate a lot of time and financial resources for training our staff. We support initiatives on the part of our doctors as far as skill improvement is concerned. However, we are not very pedantic about different ranks and awards. It is not really a doctoral dissertation that matters to us, but real experience, the clinical practice of a doctor, especially when it is obtained within the walls of ISIDA. It is a unique value for us as a company, because besides the medical part there exists a corporate culture in ISIDA.

About Culture

The intelligence of a doctor is a matter of upbringing and culture. If one is a cynic inside from the very start, we have to say goodbye, even if this is a "star" – let him bring cash flows for another clinic, we don't need him. Our team is very friendly. We stand together side by side for the sake of our patients!

The philosophy of ISIDA is simple: The patient is above all!