/ / ISIDA Clinic Has Passed QHA Trent’s Accreditation

ISIDA Clinic Has Passed QHA Trent’s Accreditation

ISIDA Clinic Has Passed QHA Trent’s Accreditation

After a deep audit, independent British commission on accreditation of medical institutions around the world, led by professors and clinical experts issued a certificate of compliance with the international standard of QHA Trent to ISIDA.

QHA Trent’s accreditation scheme is based on the best global practices currently existing in the field of corporate and clinical management. Patients’ needs and safety during their stay in the clinic are the cornerstone of this standard.

"Our preparation for QHA’s international accreditation has commenced in March of 2016. Today, we clearly see the results following the final assessment by international auditors. Passing this accreditation has become – for us and our patents – yet another evidence of the high quality of our medical services which meet the highest global standards.

I would like to point out that the major focus in the preparatory process was placed on such key areas of ISIDA’s work as the obstetrics, gynecology, mammalogy, pediatrics and assisted reproductive technologies. Over a period of 24 years of operation, ISIDA has gained trust of both Ukrainian and international patients and partners. Receiving international accreditation has been another important step towards strengthening of our reputation and further dynamic international activity on the market of reproductive technologies," - Oleg PETRENKO, Deputy CEO for ISIDA Clinic’s Strategic Development.

Commitment to professional values, highest quality of provided services, patient safety, continuous staff training and development have been and continue to be the key principles of our work. In 2006, ISIDA Clinic became the first healthcare facility in Ukraine to receive the Certificate for Conformity with ISO 9001-2000 Standards (LGA InterCert, Germany) which has then been repeatedly confirmed by compliance audits and updated in accordance with ISO 9001-2008 requirements (TUVRheinland) in 2014.

Having obtained QHA Trent’s accreditation for the next two years, ISIDA has again confirmed its status as the leader among Ukraine’s private clinics, proving that its services meet the highest standards according to various aspects which are the basis for QHA Trent’s accreditation schemes."Important criteria for accreditation are the clinic’s willingness to maintain the highest healthcare quality, ability to prevent risks and promptly deal with them, find and keep the most qualified employees, while encouraging their continuous training and professional improvement,"- notes Oleg PETRENKO, Deputy CEO for ISIDA Clinic’s Strategic Development.

Requirements which provide the basis for international standards for quality healthcare go beyond the assessment of medical services at the doctor-patient level, treatment practices and methods and the level of logistic and maintenance support in the clinic. We are talking about the overall operation of the healthcare institution, development of its core corporate culture and coexistence with the outside world, namely non-discrimination of everyone involved in the clinical process, guaranteed provision of health care to customers with special needs, commitment to preservation of natural resources and environmental protection.

Oleg PETRENKO, Deputy CEO for ISIDA Clinic’s Strategic Development emphasizes: "Now is not the time to rest. We have every intention to continue improving the quality of our services in order to always be one step ahead when meeting the needs of our patients and even anticipating them."