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Father's Day by ISIDA clinic

Father's Day by ISIDA clinic

Yesterday, on Father's Day, ISIDA clinic`s  employees and their kids planted rhododendrons in the Botanical Garden.

The idea to plant trees together with children has become symbolic. It is traditionally believed that man for life should plant trees, raise a child and build a house.

We believe that this area in the future will place family holiday where parents will enjoy spending time with your children and watch their own growth trees. This, in turn, has brought together more caring parents with kids.

Yesterday's celebration of Father Day gave the visitors the warmest emotions and a variety of entertainment: we planted trees, played games and held quests, performed flashmob dance "Dads with kids".

We also opened a Father's Playground there. So now in Hryshka Botanical Garden in Kyiv will always be a place for family entertainment with children.