/ / "If they tell me that there are no chances for me to get pregnant, I am going to become a nun."

"If they tell me that there are no chances for me to get pregnant, I am going to become a nun."

"If they tell me that there are no chances for me to get pregnant, I am going to become a nun."

For many couples, in vitro fertilization (IVF) brings a long-awaited hope for happy parenthood. V. and I. share their story.

When did you come to a clear realization that you wished to have a baby?

I: I suppose, I was about 25 years old when I realized that I wanted to become the mother.

After a while, it became evident that nothing was working out and my friends' kids would already be old enough to go to schools... It was exhausting and I even had several mental breakdowns. I thought to myself, "If they tell me that there are no chances for me to get pregnant, I am going to become a nun." Thankfully though, I have met V., who had a strong wish to have children and was willing to go the distance to make it happen.

When was the first time when you brought up this touchy subject with V.?

I: As a matter of fact, we have discussed this as early as on the second date! We have found a common ground almost instantly. For some people, common interests vary from the videos, fishing to something else. For us, it was the kids! I've casually mentioned that each of us was married before but didn't have kids in those marriages… We have lived for a year without children, continuously undergoing treatment for some non-existent illnesses. Then we have finally made an appointment in ISIDA and left the clinic with a newborn shortly after!

How long did it take you to conceive?

V: Almost 10 years. First, separately in our first marriages and for about two years when we have been already together. We have sought help in different health care facilities but did not achieve the desired result. We fell under impression that the profits were the actual goal for the majority of clinics and because of that, the so-called treatment process would go on and on for an indefinite period of time. Screenings, tests, injections, vitamins... When we figured it out, we decided to try ISIDA. The very first free-of-charge appointment in this clinic left the best possible impressions. The doctor examined the problem thoroughly and suggested a solution which was to undergo IVF.

I: For some reason, we thought that ISIDA was our final bet. If they don't help us here, no one else would.

Have you been informed that there is no 100% guarantee of pregnancy?

I: The doctors have been very honest with us. They have not tried to sugarcoat anything and have not given us any groundless promises. They have told us as it is, "At your age, the chances of getting pregnant through in vitro fertilization are 50%." We knew what to expect and what were the odds. Probably, our faith and focus on successful outcome played the key role here. After all, it has worked after the very first attempt.

How did you find out that you were pregnant?

I: The procedure was performed on October 22d. Two weeks later, I had to get a blood test done and get my results, however, I was extremely impatient and took the pregnancy test myself. When I saw those two strips, I immediately rushed to Volodya! Soon, I have received a call, confirming that everything has worked this time round! I don't exactly remember what I said to the girls, but I was over the moon!

Now you want to have a second child. Have you decided on this after the arrival of your first baby or have you planned it before?

V: I believe having two children is the perfect scenario. You see, I'm the only child in the family, and so is I. Basically, what this means is that as a result of the life of six people - us and our parents - there is only one daughter/granddaughter left. It is vital to try to have a second baby.

I: What's more, our Sasha is obsessed with kids. She is very outgoing and does not mind the family expanding further. She often draws a large family, a whole bunch of family members in a circle. Thanks to cryopreservation available in ISIDA, we still have 8 embryos left which mean we have got two more shots to try our luck. The fact is, it is already happening. I'm going to start getting tests done in the fall.

What did you love about ISIDA the most?

V: You know, when you come to the company and see people who achieved consistency in their work, you realize that you may have a common goal and are ready to work on a joint project together. That's exactly how I felt when we found ourselves in ISIDA.

I: I am a bit OCDish when it comes to order and discipline, even the smallest things. If I come across a dirty restroom in the medical facility or a sloppy-looking doctor, I won't be able to trust this clinic, ever. It must be noted that ISIDA is outstandingly clean, the staff is highly-trained and very professional. It is just like a clockwork here, everyone knows where they need to be and what must be done.

Your path to parenthood has been a rocky one. Do you have any piece of advice for the couples who face a similar situation?

V: If you have already set your goal, then just go for it. The road ahead won't be smooth, but you have to take it. The key is not to stress out more than necessary, but to think what you can actually do in particular situation. Just do everything in your power and do not quit.

I: It is crucial to focus on a positive outcome. Even though it didn't happen to us exactly the most natural way, but with the help of IVF, we thank God every day for modern medicine which makes it possible. My advice is, don't give in to despair, don't give up and never play yourself into a corner! Have faith, look into various options, just don't sit back and do nothing.