/ / "You have a boy. Small. And he breathes by himself"

"You have a boy. Small. And he breathes by himself"

"You have a boy. Small. And he breathes by himself"

The desired child... our patient I. understands the value of these words like no one else. For many years, she was cherishing her dream, going through much emotional and physical anguish. ISIDA became her last, and as it turned out, happy chance to experience the joy of maternity.

Well, your story is so impressive that it deserves to be shown on a silver screen. Did you ever think that you would go maternity for so long? 
I never thought that I would have my first child only at the age of 49. What has happened has happened only thanks to the strong support from my husband.

Will you tell us why it's happened like this? 
In fact, it was not that easy. Even though I didn't have any gynecological issues, as I believed, I couldn't give birth to a child. My personal life was smooth and quiet until I met my future husband at the age of 38. Together, we implemented several projects in the furniture business. He is 13 years younger than me, so looking at him, I thought, "The guy has gifted hands – someone will be lucky to meet him!" Our common project was over and we parted. After several days, Mikhail called me and suggested we spend the May holidays together. Frankly speaking, I didn't count on any serious relationship at that time. The age difference concerned me much. Anyway, I lost my head and after some time we began to live together. 
We really wanted to have a child. When I understood that something did not work out, I went to doctors. They said nothing was wrong, that we just had to grow accustomed to each other and that if there was no result after one year and a half, then I should undergo a medical examination. One day I accidentally threw back my head in a wrong way and found myself bedridden for six months (a pinched nerve in the neck vertebrae). At that time I understood what a reliable man I had by my side! Mikhail took good care of me, helped me, in a word – he won my heart entirely. Thus, I became 42. In a women's clinic, they told me, "You have never given birth to a child before, you have hyperplasia!" They performed planned curettage – it was a shock. Then came tests, both for me and for my husband, ultrasound scans, another surgery – tubal obstruction.

What was your first experience of treatment in a private clinic? 
Negative. They promised me one thing, but in reality, it was quite different. Expensive laparoscopy was awaiting me. The fact that I was thrown in a ward for three people after the surgery is only half the trouble. Painkillers did not work, the staff did not really care about me, the WC was at the end of the world. I was given general anesthesia and probably it was too strong: I could not breathe! When my husband came to visit me, he couldn't suppress tears in his eyes. At night I had severe gripes in my belly, but what the doctors stated was, "It's an ulcer." After the surgery, the promised to give me a CD with the information as to what had been done on me. For some time, they found pretexts not to do it, so I managed to receive it only after two weeks of being very persistent. The diagnose – 
"Tubal factor". Next morning they said I could go home and appointed IVF at their clinic after six months. But I never came.

Did you go to another clinic? 
Yes. But it was not better – only money, money, and money. As I didn't really have any experience, I trusted doctors in everything. They treated me for nonexistent cysts and menstrual disorder. It was very hard emotionally, but we failed to reach the stage of IVF. At each stage, as I see now, they found nonexistent illnesses. It was difficult to tell my husband that again there was nothing... Time passed by, my husband consoled me, and over and over again I had a belief that everything would be good. I am extremely grateful to him for this!

What was next? 
Another surgery was appointed for me – hysteroscopy. During the ultrasound scan, the doctor said, "What IVF are they talking about?! You have micropolyposis of the whole uterus!" It was another shock. Quite by chance, I was the first to see the results, not the doctor. As it turned out, there was no need to be operated on. But they took the money. At the same moment, I left the clinic. Then there was another doctor who prescribed me doubtful medication in form of biological additives to make IVF more successful. I was about to lose my patience. After another private clinic, where the doctor tried to appoint me IVF without even looking at my tests, I understood that I shouldn't expect any help there either.

How did you come to know about ISIDA? 
After what I had been through, I went to the countryside to spend the summer there and restore myself. All these years, my husband and I lived together without getting married. When he proposed to me over and over again, I answered, "Only when we have a child!" The point is that I saw how much he adores kids, so I didn't want to ruin his life. Having returned to Kiev, I went to another doctor who sent me to an ultrasound scan. When she looked at the results, she said, "I do not see any pathology that could prevent you from giving birth to a child." It was real astonishment! I couldn't help crying. Then the doctor spoke about a patient of hers who had once visited her after IVF. When the doctor found more details from that patient, she told me, "Find doctor Palamarchuk." That is how I found myself in ISIDA.

What was your first impression about ISIDA? 
I was already 48 when I first came to the clinic. The doctor met me in a great mood. Her eyes were shining, which made me also enthusiastic. I believed this person from the very first moment! Alina Palamarchuk examined my test results, performed an ultrasound scan, made certain prognoses. Within three months she leveled my menstrual cycle and soon afterward when I came for an appointment, she said, "Get ready: in three days – puncturing, and in another two days – transfer."

Did you feel strong about ISIDA? 
Every time I came to ISIDA, I understood that during those six years I had been cheated in other clinics. In ISIDA, the doctors assume responsibility for the diagnoses they make, all funds are paid officially at the cash-desk. Any woman can entirely rely on the specialists of this clinic. Thus, after what I had been through in life, I knew that I would never go to an ordinary lying-on hospital, whatever it costs.

How did the transfer procedure proceed? 
I felt relaxed. On a big screen, I could see my two little embryos. I was immediately given a photo. I sat and prayed to God that it would work out, and I thought, "Am I really so sinful that I don't deserve this happiness?" After the transfer, I was told to stay in bed for three days, but I (to be sure!) spent two weeks in bed, until the time of the test. One night, almost right after the transfer, I had a dream: it was a big tunnel, in which, like in an aquarium, a beautiful fish of the tenderly pink color was swimming, like in a fairy-tale. When I woke up, I understood that I was pregnant. On the appointed day, at 8 AM I came to the clinic for a blood test. In the evening we expected a call but we could hardly wait, so we called the clinic. We heard the long-awaited words "You are pregnant!"

What were the months in anticipation of the baby like? 
My husband didn't allow me to do anything, he was very worried, even though I felt perfect! I began to work again, I was "beyond myself" with joy. Until the 32nd week. One day, when Mikhail came home from work, I rose to greet him and understood that my waters broke. I called the doctor, my husband rushed me to ISIDA in 10 minutes while the clinic made all necessary preparations! A test for delivery waters, an ultrasound scan – all was done in no time. I was placed in an in-patient department for preservation. However, after one week, at night, the baby decided to see the light.

Were you scared that the baby would be born before his time? 
I was lucky with the doctor. While I was followed up in ISIDA during my pregnancy, I attended all classes and attentively listened to what was said. One of the lectures was held by an obstetrician-gynecologist named Viktor Hrytsko. He spoke about delivery with such warmth and enthusiasm… he always radiated calm! I was very astonished when one day Viktor Stepanovich entered my ward. As it turned out, he also performs deliveries as a doctor on duty. From that moment I prayed to God to make my baby see the light during the shift of this doctor. That is exactly how it happened! When I came to senses after the anesthesia, I saw Viktor Stepanivh who was as always calm. He inquired about how I was feeling and said, "You have a boy. Small. And he breathes himself." I signed with relief. And the most important thing is that the long-awaited Ivan was born on the birthday of my husband! It is really a God's gift!

After you have been through so many hardships but still achieved the result, what would you advise other women who face similar challenges? 
Never give up! Ever! Of course much depends on someone who walks this way with you, your husband. So, to everyone, I wish strong support – which I have had all these years. And it is also very important to believe that "Everything will be all right!"

After the delivery, a psychologist warned me of a possible post-natal depression. But I don't even want to hear about this! Frankly speaking, I can't understand why one should be depressed when one has the meaning of life – the child for whose sake you have endured so much. I wish the same happiness to everyone!