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ISIDA`s 10 000 baby

ISIDA`s 10 000 baby

Tetyana VTORUK`s and Dmytro MARTYNENKO’s long-awaited baby boy Vanya become 10,000th baby born in ISIDA clinic, and he arrived into this world in the company of his sibling Marichka.


Both the mother and doctors in ISIDA Clinic had to fight really hard for the newborns’ lives. Twins were born prematurely at the 30th week of pregnancy, the girl weighing only 1,120g, and the boy – 1,260.

This is what Tetyana shared with us: “10 years of hoping and waiting, and six unsuccessful IVF attempts later, we have finally become parents. During preparation for the procedure for the seventh time, my husband and I decided that this would be our last try. Yet, ISIDA was able to make a true miracle happen: our family grew bigger with not just one, but two bundles of joy at the same time. The path to parenthood was challenging, to say the least, but we were lucky to have ISIDA doctors with us every step of the way.”

Medical staff at our clinic is always prepared for situations when things do not go as planned. Neonatologists in ISIDA surrounded the babies with immediate care, once they were born.


“I simply cannot put into words how difficult the time after delivery was. The uncertainty was the scariest part. The babies were taken to the intensive care, and all I could really do was just wait,” Tetyana says. “However, witnessing how the medical staff handled the babies, I realized that these were professionals with a wealth of experience in action. So, I took comfort in knowing that my children were in safe hands! I was touched beyond words by the careful and gentle attitude of the doctors and nurses at the Neonatal Unit towards their little patients. They did everything they could to help our kids gain weight steadily. When we were discharged from the Clinic after two months, the boy has already weighed 2,280, and the girl – 2,580g.”

Finding out that Vanya became the 10,000th baby born in ISIDA brought a lot of excitement and joy to his parents. The Certificate for Pediatric Weekend Deal Package from the Clinic’s representative has become the first award in little Vanya’s life. Marichka, his twin sister has received the same gift, too.