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For the first time in my life I saw these two lines

For the first time in my life I saw these two lines

“It was 6 years ago when we first thought about having a baby. We believed it would take just a few months to see two desirable lines on the pregnancy test. Each month there would be photos of a growing bump, framed ultrasound pictures, then birth of our little one, us becoming young parents ... and our endless and cloudless happily-ever-after.

A year later, we were going through a number of test, hormone therapies and a search for correct diagnosis. Just when one diagnosis was determined, it would be replaced by the other shortly. In every new clinic we went to, the story repeated itself: tests, hormones and promises that everything would work out this time around. This is how 3 years went by. Endless clinics mixed with us refocusing, but as there was no result, it was impossible to refocus fully.
And then we found ourselves in ISIDA. We have thought about this clinic earlier, but somehow kept choosing something else, trying something different elsewhere. Then within a week a couple of people suggested we come here. One doctor urged us, “Go to Kseniia Khazhylenko and I guarantee that you will be leaving with a baby bump in the beginning of summer.”

The first appointment gave me confidence, and I realized that with Dr. Khazhylenko and Dasha Kinyuk we will definitely make this dream happen. It so happened that we had to postpone the beginning of treatment that year. But in the following 2016, we were sure that everything would turn out great. 
It was a tough time, but we got Dr. Kseniia and Dasha’s support, care and understanding. Their professionalism and confidence were undoubtful. Indeed, sometimes it takes you longer to reach your goal, but it is so worth it. We knew that the failure is just a part of the experience and every step gets us closer to our cherished dream.
After undergoing tests and various assisted reproductive technologies, we settled on IVF.
I did not expect that it would happen right away. I often heard that the first IVF procedure is more of a test run and the chances to get pregnant after the next one increase significantly. We had a lot of fears at the beginning of the protocol. I cannot possibly put into words what I felt, when on the day of the transfer, after everything has been done, they handed me the ultrasound picture and said, “This is your baby.” Of course, this was only a beginning of the journey, no one could foresee what would happen next, but it was already MY baby, OUR baby.

After 7 days, I did not wait for human hormone test and took a pregnancy test myself. For the first time in my life I saw these two lines. There are no words to describe what my husband and I felt at that very moment. Overwhelming happiness and a wish to embrace it together in complete silence, but with incredible happiness within. After 30 minutes, we kept asking each other, “Is this for real? Is this happening to us?”
A few days later, we received a call about the result of HCG test which confirmed the pregnancy. It was the beginning of summer, just as we were once told.
What followed were the snaps of the baby bump, ultrasound pictures and us carefully placing them in a journal. There were the long-awaited words, “It is a baby girl”. Now we hold this tiny hand in ours, give kisses to precious little feet. We get to experience the immense joy when she recognizes us for the very first time and gives us her first smile.

I can never express how grateful we are to Dr. Kseniia Khazhylenko, Dasha, Zhenya who have been with us, supported us along the way and thanks to whom we now know exactly what happiness really is.

Thank you!” - our patient Y.