/ / ISIDA clinic doctors held a workshop "Implantation"

ISIDA clinic doctors held a workshop "Implantation"

ISIDA clinic doctors held a workshop "Implantation"

What happens if the embryo implantation in ART program goes with violations? Miscarriage, obstructed labor? How to avoid these dangers and increase the chances of a safe pregnancy? The answers to these and other questions were given by ISIDA clinic doctors at unique workshop «Implantation» on November 30, 2018.

Deputy Chief Doctor of Infertility Treatment Center, Head of the Recurrent pregnancy loss Treatment Center, fertility specialist, geneticist, ultrasound diagnostics specialist Kseniia Khazhylenko, Chief Doctor of Infertility Treatment Center, fertility specialist Svetlana Shiyanova and pediatrician, medical director Andrei Vilensky made reports on implantation violations, pregnancy problems and complications during labor. The best gynecologists and fertility specialists from various medical institutions of Ukraine became the participants of this workshop.

The workshop was held in a friendly environment, some problems of fertility disorders were openly discussed, so doctors from different clinics of Ukraine shared their practical experiences with each other, reviewed the influence of various factors on the embryo implantation. Event guests were examining clinical cases, looking for the main cause of various problems which force patients to turn to both gynecologist and fertility specialist. The influence of various inflammatory processes on the likelihood of a successful pregnancy, immunological aspects of fertility disorders, congenital and acquired uterine abnormalities, and intrauterine pathology - ISIDA clinic doctors shared their practical experience in dealing with these and other problems.

Chief Doctor of Infertility Treatment Center, fertility specialist Svetlana Shiyanova made reports on the following topics: «Understanding endometrial receptivity. Implantation window», «What stands in the way of normal adhesion. Intrauterine pathology», «Congenital and acquired uterine abnormalities». Huge interest among the guests of the workshop attracted the report of Kseniia Khazhylenko «Long-term consequences. A small unsuccessful implantation and a large perinatal problem».

ISIDA clinic specializes in ART programs for over 26 years. In its development, ISIDA focuses on providing complex medical services at European level of standards, using innovative medical technologies: from diagnosis of the causes of impaired fertility, treatment of infertility and safe labor to pediatric follow-up of children under 18. When performing ART programs for fairly severe cases of infertility, our specialists often face the problem of nursing premature babies. Thanks to high qualifications of neonatologists and availability of necessary equipment, in most cases they successfully cope with this problem. ISIDA clinic specialists gladly share their experience with fellow colleagues from other clinics at various conferences, symposia and workshops, just like the one they recently held.