/ / Weekend Test. Come&Go: everything needed to prepare for an IVF program

Weekend Test. Come&Go: everything needed to prepare for an IVF program

Weekend Test. Come&Go: everything needed to prepare for an IVF program

A woman that made a decision to become a mother should consider this very seriously and necessarily pass an examination. If, according to the results, it turns out there is a need for an IVF, one should not despair. Yes, it is a long and quite challenging process on the way to the cherished dream. But the sooner future mother starts preparing for it, the quicker the desired pregnancy will come.

Correct preparation for IVF is extremely important. The more information on health status of the woman there is, the higher are the chance for successful result of the procedure. Therefore, an impressive list of studies and analyzes preceding IVF should be referred responsibly and with understanding. Unfortunately, this process can take weeks, months, and sometimes even years. But not in ISIDA!

ISIDA has particular respect to the free time of each our patient, so all the tests, consultations and diagnostic examinations needed for IVF program start can be completed at the clinic within 1-2 days. For this case, ISIDA has a unique offer - a special program for preparing to IVF «Weekend Test. Come&Go». In order to complete all the required examinations to start the treatment, the patient needs to come to Ukraine for only one day or stay a bit longer if she wishes to.

The «Weekend Test. Come&Go» offers:

  • transfer to/from the airport;
  • full medical evaluation;
  • individual consultation with our fertility specialist;
  • custom stimulation plan;
  • accommodation and two meals (lunch at the clinic and dinner at partner restaurant).

In addition, the patient undergoes all necessary tests at one time and in one place, and the results will be ready and sent via e-mail within 3-5 days. If necessary, all medications prescribed for IVF treatment will be available for purchase directly at the clinic.

Well-coordinated teamwork of ISIDA clinic specialists, an opportunity to start treatment immediately without waiting, high successful rate of IVF programs and affordable price – these are the main reasons why foreign patients choose ISIDA clinic for infertility treatment.