/ / Ukrainian experience of curing infertility with IVF: history and achievements.

Ukrainian experience of curing infertility with IVF: history and achievements.

Ukrainian experience of curing infertility with IVF: history and achievements.

Today Ukraine is one of the world leaders on the market of providing medical services in the field of reproductive technologies. More than 25 years ago, first Ukrainian IVF child was born and since that moment, Ukrainian reproduction technologies are developing with an impressive pace.

Currently there are more than 40 ART (assisted reproductive technology) clinics in Ukraine and each of them conducts 30 to 100 protocols per month. Such a scale of activity relies on the fact that there are no restrictions in the field of reproductive medicine in Ukraine in contrast to the other countries. For this reason, we are the one for infertile couples all over the world to attend. 

Ukrainian legislation is very loyal to many issues in the field of ART. First, it concerns the donation of eggs, which is officially allowed in our country. Moreover, Ukrainian ART clinics have a right to perform a stimulation of ovulation  (drug stimulation of  developing a big amount of ovules instead of one), which helps to grow 15-20 follicles, get 8-10 eggs out of them and place one or several high-quality selected embryos needed to achieve pregnancy. Another interesting fact that there is no age limit for IVF in Ukraine. That is why so many couples of mature age have an ability to fulfill their dream about a child just here, rather than elsewhere. Nevertheless, basing on medical and ethical standards, ISIDA clinic has established own age limits – IVF is provided to patients not older than 51 year old.

It is the ISIDA IVF clinic is the Ukrainian leader in the field of ART. It is the biggest medical institution in Eastern Europe, which specializes in the treatment of all forms of infertility. 24 years ago, thanks to the efforts of our doctors, first "IVF child" has seen the world.  In 1998, a child was born after the ICSI method has been applied in our clinic. A year later, the first child in Ukraine was born after applying the procedure of cryopreservation of embryos.

Later, in 2011, we were the first clinic in the country to successfully fertilize a thawed egg. One year later, for the first time in Eastern Europe, we had a baby after using Embryo Gen in the treatment of immunological infertility. In total, during 25 years of work, our reproductive specialists conducted 22,470 successful IVF programs!   

The usage of newest infertility treatment methods, modern medical equipment, a team of true professionals and a solid experience provide ISIDA IVF clinic the leadership in the field of infertility treatment not only in Ukraine, but also throughout Eastern Europe.