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How to shorten the path to happy motherhood

How to shorten the path to happy motherhood

For many couples, dreaming of a child and having troubles with conceiving naturally due to some medical reason, IVF becomes the only chance to give birth to a long-awaited baby. Modern reproductive technologies are rapidly developing; nowadays they are capable of gifting the desired pregnancy even with the most severe forms of infertility. But how likely it is that infertility treatment or the application of any ART program will lead to the desired pregnancy quickly? Almost all women who cannot get pregnant or bear a child want to know the answer to this question.

«Surely, there is no common answer to the question of how soon a pregnancy will come. Much depends on the seriousness of the problems in reproductive health of the couple. However, there are also purely medical aspects that can fasten or, unfortunately, shorten the path to happy motherhood. I will list the main points that need to be considered by all women who have difficulty with conceiving or carrying a baby» – explains Kseniia Khazhylenko, Deputy Chief Doctor of Infertility Treatment Center, Head of the Recurrent pregnancy loss Treatment Center, fertility specialist, geneticist, ultrasound diagnostics specialist.

There are quite a number of causes of temporary sterility or recurrent pregnancy loss. Therefore, diagnostic treatment and further elimination of causes of infertility may require the involvement of doctors in many specialties. In most cases, the long-awaited motherhood is the result of well-coordinated work of a team of professionals, whose highly specialized knowledge sums up and results in a happy pregnancy.

Unfortunately, ISIDA clinic doctors often have to work with patients who have gone through many years of ineffective treatment. Quite often, the main mistake of putting the wrong diagnosis of infertility nature happens at the very beginning of their path. Therefore, when choosing a clinic, you should always pay attention to its staff members and whether they have specialists of various medical specializations, who have necessary diagnostic and treatment equipment, relevant experience and regularly improve their qualifications. This opportunity is available via participation in domestic and foreign internships, seminars and symposia with the presence of the best fertility scientists of the world, who share their experiences, talk about the latest scientific achievements in the field of reproduction. 

In order to achieve early progress and avoid troubled situations, do not delay your visit to the doctor - the earlier you start treatment, the higher will be its effectiveness. To our patients ISIDA clinic offers several complex programs, which can save significantly future parents' time and money. Please note, that all complex ART packages in ISIDA include vitrification – super-fast cryopreservation of oocytes or embryos, which, after genetic analysis, can be used in IVF program. The use of the vitrification method gives doctors and patients a whole range of possibilities that increase the chances of getting pregnant.

Over the 26 years of work, the specialists of our clinic made it possible to feel the joy of motherhood and paternity for tens of thousands of couples. ISIDA clinic - an integrated approach in solving the problem of infertility, high quality of medical services and the highest European level service!