/ / Recurrent pregnancy loss - a difficult condition you can overcome successfully!

Recurrent pregnancy loss - a difficult condition you can overcome successfully!

Recurrent pregnancy loss - a difficult condition you can overcome successfully!

Miscarriage is the most terrible thing that can happen to a pregnant woman who dreams of a child ... This is a real tragedy that causes enormous pain and reasonable fear that the history can repeat itself in the future. Natalia Kharchenko experienced this grief for five times, however, in spite of everything, she continued to fight for her dream and never lost faith for the best. Hoping that her story will inspire other women to never lose courage, Natalia shared her painful experience of recurrent pregnancy loss on our blog:

«My story began in 2005, when I became pregnant for the first time. Back then I thought that every pregnancy ends with the birth of a child, and I will not be an exception to this «rule». But suddenly something went wrong and I found myself lying on the hospital bed after my first miscarriage...».

Unfortunately, this was just the beginning of Natalia’s battle for her cherished dream: following that she had missed miscarriage, then, despite the treatment, numerous examinations and warnings, she lost her third pregnancy on the five-month period:

«I will not write much about my state of mind at that time. I will only say that there is no chance for time to fade away this amount of pain! I hated the phrase «everything will be fine», which those who were aware of my misfortune tried to comfort me with. I still try to avoid this phrase by saying: «it will be as it should be, only time will tell whether it will be good or bad».

After losing the third pregnancy, my diagnosis sounded as «recurrent miscarriage». And I already knew that every subsequent loss reduces the chances of having a «normal» pregnancy. Therefore, with the onset of the fourth pregnancy, on the day of the positive test result, I went to maternity hospital for «bed rest», where everybody knew me well already. But after three weeks I was discharged with a diagnosis of «missed miscarriage» - so I lost my pregnancy for the fourth time!

Surprisingly, after that loss, I realized that I got used to this state. I did not have any hysterics, depressions and rhetorical question "Why?" I realized that I became more rigid and strong. I had only one way out of this situation – I have to keep on moving forward with renewed strength.

I came to ISIDA clinic in autumn 2014 with a thick folder of my anamnesis and a bunch of questions in my head. The doctor, Ksenia Georgievna Khazhilenko, quickly turned pages, scanning them as qickly, and she spoke about my problem and possible methods for overcoming it. At the end of our conversation, she said that in order to have the full picture, my husband and I need to take some tests and come back with the results. Then I realized – I was not leaving this place and not going anywhere else. So strong was the impression I got with the competence of the doctor and the level of the clinic.

For three years of our "cooperation" with ISIDA, I, unfortunately, lost my fifth pregnancy. But this did not stop me. My sixth pregnancy happened under the strict control of the doctors of the clinic and due to the strict adherence to the algorithm of actions prescribed by the doctor. A difficult battle for keeping my dream safe began immediately. I followed carefully all the prescriptions and instructions made by the doctor, and every new day felt like a small victory for me. Therefore, when I gave birth on the 41st week, it was a real miracle for us!

So, for the New Years eve, at the 41st week of pregnancy, at almost 39 years, with the help of emergency cesarean section I gave birth to a daughter called Vera (Faith)! It was faith that prevented me from surrendering during all these long years and stayed with me, despite all the problems. We were discharged from the hospital on December 31 with the greatest gift of fate under the New Years tree.

For a very long time I could not realize that I have carried and given birth to a child. There still was a feeling that all this happened to someone else, that I was just dreaming. Everyone who found out about the birth of my daughter asked me whether I would like to have another child. The answer is yes, but only with the support of my doctor and ISIDA. In general, I realized that with ISIDA, I went through a complete «cycle»: preparation for pregnancy, prenatal care, labour and now postnatal care. Kind of an «all inclusive» as it turned out.

My story is for women who found themselves in a similar situation. I want you to know that you are not alone, there is a certain percentage of women with similar problem. We simply have such hardships and we must pass them, and it's worth it! I wish all of us good health, strength, faith and welfare! I thank God for all the prayers that were heard and I thank destiny - for making me find my doctor and ISIDA».

Natalia believed, fought and won, so her story is an important example for those who, just like her, still fight with the problem of miscarriage. And for those who are thinking of giving up... Remember, in case you are dealing with the same problem, you can always get qualified help in Recurrent pregnancy loss Treatment Center in ISIDA clinic. Tremendous experience of our specialists, appliance of advanced technologies and methods of treatment, along with strong belief in a successful result, is what will make your long-awaited miracle finally come true, despite all the predictions and diagnoses.