/ / Olga I.’s recurrent pregnancy loss story: “Everything we have gone through was totally worth finally having a baby”

Olga I.’s recurrent pregnancy loss story: “Everything we have gone through was totally worth finally having a baby”

Olga I.’s recurrent pregnancy loss story: “Everything we have gone through was totally worth finally having a baby”

The true purpose of every woman, the biggest treasure and happiness is Motherhood. Unfortunately, not always everything turns out as we expect it to. Our patient Olga stubbornly waited for a long 13 years to become a Mother: patiently accepting all the downfalls and failures, she never lost hope for the birth of a long-awaited baby. And the miracle happened! But before – she survived two miscarriages, numerous diagnoses and continuous treatment, which did not bring the desired result ...

The story of our patient is an important example for those who, just like her, is battling the problem of recurrent miscarriage. On everything she has gone through during these years, Olga tells very openly and sincerely, hugging her little son tightly:

“The story of our family began 15 years ago, when a young student met another young student, and they decided to live happily ever after. After about three years of living together, we were ready to welcome new member to our family, but it wasn’t as simple as we thought it would be... The next two years of trying to conceive, unfortunately, did not bring the desired results. And so we started to seek medical treatment, but the only thing we heard from the doctors was: “You are doing well! Keep trying.”

5 years later I was finally pregnant with our first long-awaited child, our happiness was beyond the limits. But, when at 16 weeks we did an extended ultrasound, we received absolutely terrible news: “You have missed miscarriage, both fetuses are frozen ...”. At that moment it seemed to me that I would not survive this ... It is very difficult to describe in words what was happening to me, it is painful to even recall it.

And again - visits to doctors, tests, treatment, and after another 3 years - oh, finally a miracle! Our second pregnancy. When, at week 7, I came for a regular checkup to the specialist, I heard the most terrible phrase: “Missed abortion ...” And I had to go through this hell yet again. I did not understand how this could happen to me, and most importantly, why the history repeats itself... And again - routine examinations, this vicious circle, multiple advices to see one doctor, then to see another doctor, etc.

We have gone through a bunch of gynecologists, urologists and geneticists. No one could say exactly what is our problem. Piles of tests and meaningless treatment, which were prescribed by almost every doctor, and almost every one of them reassured us that nothing critical is going on, everything will be fine in the future.

The moment came when we decided it was time to take decisive action, we were ready to go for IVF, because there simply was no strength left to continue this story with the doctors and their treatment. The gynecologist I was seeing recommended me ISIDA clinic, it was back at the 13th year of our marriage. We did a small examination - and immediately rushed into the battle.

Thank God, everything turned out from the first try. After a miracle embryo transfer, I stayed in bed for a week, since I was too afraid that something would go wrong, and a week later, after a blood test, there was a positive result. I immediately made an appointment with the doctor, and my happiest news was confirmed. I could not believe that this was happening for real.

Naturally, we decided to supervise our pregnancy at ISIDA. We were pleasantly amazed with the professionalism of the doctors, the possibilities of the clinic, and most importantly – with the humane attitude of the staff. The emotional support we received here is invaluable! They treat you like they`ve known you for years, experiencing sad and happy emotions alongside.

Pregnancy went very easily, I really enjoyed this period. During those months, I took advantage of the services that ISIDA clinic offers to its patients: attended various seminars that really help to organize yourself after the birth of a baby, received very useful advices from a nutritionist and from a specialist in breastfeeding. I was ready for all 100% for the labor and thought that if the pregnancy flow was so good, then the delivery itself won’t have any difficulties.

But that’s not how it turned out - I couldn’t do it on my own, we had to do a cesarean. And here I am after the labor, my baby was taken to intensive therapy ... It was very scary ... When I saw him in my arms, saw his first smile - it was the best thing that could ever happen. The baby was perfect. Looking at him, I understood that we had to go through all this thorny path to finally embrace our real happiness.

Children are the best thing one can get in a lifetime! When your baby wakes you up in the morning, you look at him and he smiles at you - this is just an indescribable feeling of happiness! I really hope that my story will inspire couples to take decisive action. Do not be afraid of IVF and do not waste time, because receiving positive results is priceless! Of course, we will visit ISIDA at least once more for a little princess, since we already have a prince”.

Dear girls, please, remember: in case you are dealing with the same problem, you can always get qualified help in the Recurrent pregnancy loss Treatment Center in ISIDA clinic. Tremendous experience of our specialists, appliance of advanced technologies and methods of treatment, along with strong belief in a successful result, is what will make your long-awaited miracle finally come true, despite all the predictions and diagnoses.