/ / The psychological side of ART: the right attitude is commitment to success!

The psychological side of ART: the right attitude is commitment to success!

The psychological side of ART: the right attitude is commitment to success!

Positive thoughts, emotions and good mood play an incredibly important role in our life, health and well-being. That is why the effectiveness of IVF program in many ways depends on your psychological state. Medical procedures can be ineffective if woman feels anxiety of the future and internal resistance to upcoming changes that will happen in her life after conception, pregnancy and childbirth. Fatigue and depression aren’t the best companions in IVF protocol, too. However, if you remain in a state of rest and inner harmony, the probability of onset of long-awaited pregnancy is much higher.

When planning the birth of a baby, even before the beginning of treatment, we recommend you and your partner to give honest answers to a couple of questions. Are you ready for emotional stress and long-term expectation of results? Do you have rueful feelings related to IVF, negative experiences in the past, pregnancy or childbirth? Are you ready for the fundamental changes in life that you will have to embrace after the results of IVF? Answering these questions, you will meet face to face with your own fears and worries, will be able to make the right decision, tune in to a positive vibes and gain confidence in yourself. Although, if you feel the need for psychological support, do not hesitate to ask for help from a professional.

With proper psychological preparation, you will go through all the stages of IVF much easier, receiving the best result. Balanced state of mind, positive attitude and commitment to success will help you overcome anxiety and nervous overstrain that can occur after taking medications and during preparation for the procedure. In order to exclude possible stress situations and their negative consequences during the IVF program, we advise you to adhere to the following recommendations:

• share your feelings, especially worries, fears and anxieties with the loved ones;

• don’t be afraid of possible periods of anxiety and excitement, you will certainly cope with them;

• don’t try to take control over something that doesn’t depend on you;

• limit communication with those who don’t believe in your success, try to avoid any stressful situations;

• find time to satisfy your wishes and needs;

• discover new hobbies, for example, drawing or needlework;

• support your partner, don’t be indifferent to each other's feelings and fears;

• before visiting your doctor, write down all the questions bothering you that you want to discuss, leaving no detail to chance;

• visit doctor together with your partner - this will make your relationship stronger.

In ISIDA clinic, we held individual psychological sessions with women before the IVF procedure. These meetings help to overcome feelings of anxiety at the initial stage of treatment, gain confidence in success of the program and not lose hope for the birth of long-awaited child. Be sure, in ISIDA, you will always receive essential psychological support and medical help - the specialists of our clinic will do everything possible to make your cherished dream come true!