/ / President World RPL Congress Asher Bashiri visited ISIDA Clinic

President World RPL Congress Asher Bashiri visited ISIDA Clinic

President World RPL Congress Asher Bashiri visited ISIDA Clinic

The President of the World RPL Congress and the head of the RPL Center Asher Bashiri became the special guest and one of the speakers of the Congress on the usual miscarriage of pregnancy, which took place on September 14-15 in Kyiv. After the congress, Mr. Bashiri visited the ISIDA clinic to achieve a better understanding of the experience of our clinic, as well as to evaluate the first steps of the recently opened "Center for the Treatment of Usual Pregnancy Loss".

Asher Bashiri became acquainted with the department for the treatment of infertility, as well as laboratory and technical equipment, which assists patients with problems with pregnancy.

"Asher Bashiri has more than 20 years of experience in the Center, similar to the one we just opened," says Irina Kapshuk, a reproductive physician, obstetrician and gynecologist. - Therefore, his advice on the work of the Center have a tremendous value for us. It was nice to see that the professor was surprised at what we showed him and told him. We expected to hear his opinion and advices, but instead of it, we had an equal conversation: he asked questions about our working methods and attentively listened to our answers. The respect for the results of our work from a professional of such level is inspiring! "

The ISIDA Clinic Center for Pregnancy has just opened. One of the basic principles of our work is the introduction of the latest technologies, corresponding to world trends and standards. "As the problem of losing pregnancy is a multifactorial pathology, very often combined with the fertility problems, we believe that only the combination of the efforts of various specialists and the multidisciplinary approach can provide accomplished and effective assistance to patients. Such an opportunity exists in our Center - now we are ready to help them starting from conception and to the birth of a healthy child ", - added Irina Kapshuk.

Once again, ISIDA clinic became a co-organizer of the Congress on the habitual pregnancy loss, visited by our guest Asher Bashiri. This congress has become an important event for all fertility specialists and obstetricians-gynecologists in Ukraine, who seek to have advanced knowledge in the field of female and male infertility, embryology and genetics. Doctors from the ISIDA clinic also took an active part in the congress. The reports of our specialists – Yulia Kremenskaya, the head of the genetic laboratory center, Ksenia Khazhylenko, the head of the department for the treatment of pregnancy absent at the ISIDA clinic and Svetlana Shiyanova, the head of the department for the treatment of infertility at the ISIDA clinic, have aroused intense interest among their foreign colleagues.

 It definitely confirms the high scientific value of our specialists' work.