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IVF programs with eggs donation at ISIDA

IVF programs with eggs donation at ISIDA

Most foreign patients, who choose to treat infertility in ISIDA clinic in Ukraine, come to us for IVF programs with donation of eggs. It is not surprising, because nowadays the efficiency of these programs is really high – up to 75%. This high rate is achieved due to the use of healthy donor eggs, which make it possible to obtain embryos with high implant potential.

In which case doctors recommend doing IVF with eggs donation? Sometimes they have no other choice than to diagnose the absence of healthy, suitable for fertilization eggs. For example, one possible obstacle that destroys your hopes of having healthy pregnancy with genetically native children may be hereditary diseases. In this, as well as in a number of other situations, doctors recommend having IVF with donor eggs.

The egg donation program is completely anonymous. For those patients who need IVF with egg donation, ISIDA clinic selects donor from own database, which includes more than 860 candidates. All of them undergo careful selection, detailed medical and psychological examination. ISIDA clinic guarantees that the donor will be as close as possible to the patient's phenotypic characteristics and blood group. Usually, when choosing a donor, such factors as height, weight, hair and eye color, nationality, education, family and children status, blood type and Rh factor are considered.

There are also quite strict requirements and restrictions in relation to the health of the future donor, namely:

• the age of the female donor should be in between of 18-32 years;

• the donor must already have healthy children, at least one child;

• the absence of negative phenotypic malfunctions is another requirement for the donor;

• a potential egg donor must also have satisfactory somatic health;

ISIDA`s medical staff applies all their knowledge and experience while fighting for the most important thing - the birth of healthy children. Every day, we strive to become even better and improve the level of the services provided in the interests of our patients, while adhering to the European protocols of treatment and maintaining an individual approach to each patient. Diagnosis and treatment of infertility in ISIDA involves application of all modern medical technics and methods, and one of the latest innovations in clinic is refined approach to IVF programs with donor oocytes, which guarantee obtaining the exact number of blastocysts.

ISIDA clinic offers the following programs with egg donation:

1. In vitro fertilization (IVF) with your own donor oocytes (when choosing this program, you must specify the relations between the donor and future parents);

2. In vitro fertilization (IVF) with donor oocytes (at least 2 blastocysts guaranteed);

3. In vitro fertilization (IVF) with vitrified donor oocytes (at least 2 blastocysts guaranteed) with medications for the recipient.

IVF programs with eggs donation include the following services:

• consultation with a doctor during the entire treatment period;

• synchronization of donor and patient cycles;

• preparation of the recipient for pregnancy. Controlled ovarian donor stimulation;

• ultrasound and hormonal monitoring throughout the treatment;

• puncture of follicles and aspiration of donor oocytes;

• oocyte fertilization (ICSI) and embryo culture;

• single embryo transfer during the treatment cycle;

• one-day hospital stay after puncture of follicles and embryo transfer;

• pregnancy diagnosis: blood test for HCG and ultrasound.

It is important for us that our patients always feel themselves in reliable hands! Therefore, you can be sure – if you try treatment with egg donation, you will get certain result of at least 2 or 4 embryos, therefore, your chances of having successful IVF program will increase significantly choosing ISIDA.