/ / Specialists of ISIDA clinic participated in international symposium "Theory and practice of human reproduction"

Specialists of ISIDA clinic participated in international symposium "Theory and practice of human reproduction"

Specialists of ISIDA clinic participated in international symposium "Theory and practice of human reproduction"

Rapid development of assisted reproductive technologies encourages all specialists working in this field to improve constantly their qualifications, to be aware of the latest innovations and trends and to share their experience and knowledge with colleagues. On May 27-29, 2018, in Dnipro city, 450 experts, including 7 representatives of ISIDA clinic, working in the field of reproductive medicine and interested in obtaining the most up-to-date information on this topic, attended an international symposium "Theory and practice of human reproduction" that was held under the guidance of UARM.

Guests of the symposium took part in lecture-discussion training provided by not only native contributors, but also by world known foreign lecturers. The best fertility specialists in the world shared their experience on clinical research and recent scientific achievements that have a huge impact on the future of medical industry.

The vast majority of reports at the symposium were devoted to the role of endometrium in the success of ART programs. Today, it is no question that a proper assessment of the functionality of the endometrium is an important prognostic index of the possibility of successful embryo transfer. Fertility specialist Miroslava Vatsik brilliantly described the topic of the state of the endometrium in patients before ART and perinatal consequences of various disorders in her report, based on the results of the work of ISIDA specialists.

A lot of useful information for practitioners included the report of Deputy Chief Doctor of Infertility Treatment Center, Head of the Recurrent pregnancy loss Treatment Center, fertility specialist, geneticist, obstetrician-gynecologist of ISIDA clinic Kseniia Khazhylenko, in which she covered the topic of hemostasis control in fertility disorders.

Special attention of the symposium participants attracted lectures of foreign colleagues on such topics as Asherman syndrome, methods of oocyte collection, activation and improvement of their quality, preservation of reproductive potential in cancer patients, medical genetic counseling and application of the PGD method. In addition, a whole section of speeches covered the topic of psychological state of patients with infertility; also, a lively discussion arose around the methods of diagnosis and treatment of chronic endometritis, the influence of premature increase in the level of progesterone on the state of endometrium and the quality of eggs in ART programs. It is worth mentioning that in ISIDA clinic, assessment and recording of progesterone levels in ART programs is an obligatory option, with regular further analysis of the outcomes in order to improve the effectiveness of future treatment programs.

As medical practice shows, today it is especially important to establish a permanent interdisciplinary interaction between fertility and embryology specialists - this allows achieving higher results in ART programs. Therefore, the members of embryological laboratory of ISIDA clinic also took an active part in embryological section organized within the framework of the event.

«The symposium has shown that an important role in solving the problem of declining fertility in Ukraine, which leads to irreversible destruction of demographic potential, belongs to assisted reproductive technologies, - noted the obstetrician-gynecologist, fertility specialist of ISIDA clinic Irina Kapshuk. - Communication with colleagues, possibility of getting to know their experience and clarifying details during a direct dialogue, well, everything we are able to learn during events like this, is extremely important for professional development of the specialists of our clinic».

We believe that the knowledge gained during the symposium will help our specialists achieve even better results in the field of ART in the future!