/ / Five important questions about a very important problem. And the main answer: pregnancy loss is a problem that can be solved!

Five important questions about a very important problem. And the main answer: pregnancy loss is a problem that can be solved!

Five important questions about a very important problem. And the main answer: pregnancy loss is a problem that can be solved!

The problem of miscarriage is always associated with the pain and grief of parents who have lost a child, with their unfulfilled hopes, plans and dreams. Some patients turn to ISIDA clinic after two miscarriages. Some - after ten. Some have been looking for the reasons of this problem for years. Others underwent many treatment programs and all for naught. In any situation, ISIDA clinic doctors begin the conversation with all future mothers from the basics.   

Recurrent pregnancy loss – what does it mean? How to understand the difference between accidental and habitual loss of pregnancy? What are the reasons for miscarriage recurrence? Is this diagnosis suitable for treatment and where to seek medical assistance with it? Five important questions about a very important problem, the answers to which must be discussed before the treatment start. And, first of all, the answer to the main question that lurks in the heart of every woman, suffering from this problem... Miscarriage is a serious diagnosis, accompanied by severe stress, but it always has a solution!

Recurrent pregnancy loss – what does it mean?

Recurrent pregnancy loss is the loss of two or more pregnancies, confirmed by ultrasound diagnosis or morphologically (as a result of biomaterial examination) within the period of up to 22 weeks. Miscarriages after 22 weeks are classified as losses of the fetus – recurrent and accidental.

How to identify this diagnosis?

Clinically confirmed percentage of pregnancy loss is 15-20%, while the vast majority of miscarriages are of an accidental nature and don’t indicate existence of pathology. However, recurrent pregnancy loss is a serious reason for concern - in this case, it is advisory to get an adequate medical consultation and a thorough examination.

What are the possible reasons for miscarriage recurrence?

There are quite a number of possible reasons that can result in recurrent pregnancy loss. One of the most common reasons is genetic abnormality, since a malfunction in the process of transferring genetic information can occur during the fertilization of an egg. In addition to chromosomal abnormalities, the cause of repeated miscarriages may occur due to hereditary or acquired predisposition of blood clotting ability increasing, to malformation of the form and functions of the uterus and cervix, as well as to thyroid and immune system disorders. To determine the cause of recurrent pregnancy loss with the purpose of further treatment and prevention of repeated miscarriages, doctor makes a detailed analysis of the patient's medical history, prescribing diagnostic assessment of the presence of uterine anomalies, examination of the chromosome set of parents and identification of thyroid function.

What is the medical treatment for recurrent pregnancy loss?

Patients of ISIDA, who have faced the problem of recurrent miscarriage, can get qualified help in the specialized department of the clinic - Recurrent pregnancy loss Treatment Center. Tremendous experience of our specialists, appliance of advanced technologies and methods of treatment is what will make your long-awaited miracle finally come true, despite all the predictions and diagnoses. Our clinic pays special attention to the psychological state of the patient. ISIDA clinic psychologists emphasize: the traumatic experience of losing an unborn child sometimes becomes a rather serious obstacle in the next pregnancy. Moreover, women who have already become mothers thanks to ISIDA clinic, say that an absolute belief in the best and trust in the doctor are the essential components of a successful treatment result.

What doctor to turn for help in this case?

First of all, of course, to the obstetrician-gynecologist. However, as can be seen from the answers to previous questions, the treatment of recurrent pregnancy loss may require the engagement of an endocrinologist, an immunologist, a geneticist, and even a surgeon. That is why ISIDA clinic has established the Recurrent pregnancy loss Treatment Center. This Center employs highly qualified specialists who have extensive practical experience and apply modern methods of treatment of all forms of infertility. Doctors of related specializations interact with each other - this allows expectant mothers to undergo a full course of diagnostic examination and treatment in one place. The faster and more correctly the reasons of miscarriage are identified, the more are the chances for future successful pregnancy.