/ / Everything you need to know about IVF programs with eggs donation in ISIDA clinic

Everything you need to know about IVF programs with eggs donation in ISIDA clinic

Everything you need to know about IVF programs with eggs donation in ISIDA clinic

Most foreign patients, who choose to treat infertility in ISIDA clinic in Ukraine, come to us for IVF programs with donation of eggs. It is not surprising, because nowadays  the efficiency of programs using donor eggs in ISIDA clinic is 56% in one cycle, and in three donation cycles (1 fresh cycle + 2 cryocycles) the effectiveness of treatment is much higher - 86%. These outcomes correspond to the best results of leading world clinics in the treatment of infertility, but our prices for services are much lower compared to average prices in Europe. More information regarding it will be a bit later.

For those patients who need IVF with egg donation, the ISIDA clinic selects donor from own database, which includes more than 860 candidates. All of them undergo careful selection, detailed medical and psychological examination. ISIDA clinic guarantees that the donor will be as close as possible to the patient's phenotypic characteristics and blood group.

For treatment program with donor oocytes, the patient will need to come to Ukraine for only 5-6 days. The patient can choose one of the donative programs, with guaranteed 8 or 16 eggs. However, you should remember that this number of eggs does not guarantee the same number of embryos, because the process of fertilization and embryo development directly depends on the quality of the partner's sperm.

Many women are also concerned regarding their next step in case if the first attempt was unsuccessful. Usually, the recovery of body after IVF takes at least three months, whereupon you can plan the next program. Further actions depend on whether the cryopreserved embryos remained after IVF. The ideal option is when some of the embryos are transferred, and some are frozen during the first attempt. If there are no cryopreserved embryos left, you need to start the next IVF program from the very beginning.

To exclude any financial difficulties on the way to happiness, our patients can turn to the special program "Trust". This is unique infertility treatment program that uses donated oocytes and guarantees 100% return of funds in case of absence of pregnancy after two or three cycles of in vitro fertilization. The program allows you to reduce financial risks if the result of treatment appeared unsuccessful, as well as clearly plan your treatment costs, because its fixed cost (1 fresh embryo transfer + 1 or 2 cryo cycle) is known to the patient in advance. If completed treatment cycle doesn’t result in pregnancy, we guarantee full refund to the patient.

In ISIDA clinic, the cost of IVF using donated oocytes (up to 16 cells) and medications for the recipient is 6,004.00 EUR. The cost of donor selection and its stimulation is included in total cost of treatment, as well as the ICSI procedure, vitrification of remaining embryos and their storage for 1 year.