/ / Now I know for sure: dreams come true!

Now I know for sure: dreams come true!

Now I know for sure: dreams come true!

Elena and her husband for their daughter Sofia came to ISIDA from Odessa. Neither eight years of unsuccessful treatment, nor unsuccessful attempts at in vitro fertilization (IVF) could dissuade the couple that they will have a child. No matter what!

Elena, when did you first think about the baby, and how did it happen that you had to go so long way?

With my husband we met when we were 23. And after about six months began to think about the children. Time passed, but we didn’t succeed. We did a huge number of tests, and a lot of specialists passed. So many pills were eaten, injections were made and time was lost! We went to the reproductive clinic in Odessa as a job. The strangest thing is that according to the results of the tests, both I and my husband had everything in order, but the pregnancy did not come. However, the doctor was talking about minor problems with the endometrium (only now I realize how important it was!).

Where did you hear about ISIDA? Was it recommended to you or did you study this question by yourself?

Once I dreamed to have a baby before the age of 25, but only eventually I realized that timing is useless. After another failure, my husband and I decided that we will do IVF in Kiev - we only need to choose a clinic. We heard at one Odessa forum about ISIDA, a girl told me that she turned to this clinic – and she succeeded.

I went to ISIDA website and signed up for a primary consultation. A little later I found on the Internet a lot of positive feedback and thanks, which only reinforced my mood. If I learned about ISIDA before, I think my child would have already gone to the fifth grade.

What were your first impressions of ISIDA?

We liked ISIDA immediately: nice atmosphere, helpful staff. There was no feeling that we came here to be treated - and this is very important. But the most important thing is that ISIDA employs real professionals! At the initial consultation, the doctor, having examined our huge analysis folder, described possible solutions to our problem. And we decided to do IVF.

I am immensely grateful to Doctor Shiyanova! She is very attentive, I fully trust her, knowing that everything will turn out. And it happened, but on the second attempt. Svetlana Vladimirovna identified the cause of my problem (it turns out that the embryo could not attach due to endometriosis) and found a way to solve it.

At what stage did you feel confident that everything would be all right?

As soon as they crossed ISIDA threshold, I felt that everything would work out – this is our clinic. Of course, we experienced after each procedure, but thanks to the great staff that supported us - during the transfer of embryos they held my hands, calmed down, assured that everything would be fine.

What advice can you give to women who pass the way similar to yours.

The most important thing is not to give up! In any case, under any circumstances. If today didn’t work, it will work tomorrow! When we just arrived to ISIDA, in the magazine I read the story of one couple, they conceived a child at the year after the first visit. Then I thought that I would like it too! And exactly one year later, on December 30, I had a carry-over, and on January 13 I found out that I was pregnant. That was our New Year's miracle!

On September 16, our Sophia will be a year, and now I know for sure that dreams come true! Trust your doctor and remember that ISIDA employs professionals, which means that very soon you will definitely embrace your long-awaited baby. Or kids.