/ / Causes of miscarriage, infertility treatment and a prognosis for the future

Causes of miscarriage, infertility treatment and a prognosis for the future

Causes of miscarriage, infertility treatment and a prognosis for the future

Pregnancy is a real miracle, great happiness and the biggest gift in life for every couple. However, unfortunately, life can make its own adjustments sometimes, leading to problems related to successful course of pregnancy. Some women are incapable to bear and give birth to a child without medical treatment and doctor`s assistance.

The problem of miscarriage is always associated with the pain and grief of parents who have lost a child, with their unfulfilled hopes, plans and dreams. In this situation it is extremely important to stop blaming oneself, do not despair and try to find out the reasons of miscarriage, whether they are responsive to diagnosis and above all - is it possible to get rid of obstacles standing in the way to desired pregnancy? So, pregnancy after miscarriage – let’s find out how to plan it correctly, what examinations to take and what are the chances for successful birth of a baby in the future.

The first thing to do is to determine whether pregnancy loss was of an accidental or recurrent nature. Fortunately, the vast majority of pregnancy losses, especially in early stages, is of an accidental nature, provoked by sudden causes, and the probability of recurrence of this situation in the future is extremely low. In this case, in order to prevent possible problems with pregnancy in the future, it is recommended to go through supportive therapy, general health promotion and psychoemotional state recovery. If missed miscarriage or pregnancy loss was of recurrent nature, caused by serious problems with reproductive health, it is necessary to go through combination treatment in order to exclude the cause of miscarriage.

One of the common reasons for recurrent pregnancy loss is genetic abnormality, since a malfunction in the process of transferring genetic information can occur during the fertilization of an egg. The defect in the transfer of genetic information in the vast majority of cases is accidental, and the chances of a successful pregnancy in this case significantly exceed the threat of another miscarriage. A serious cause for concern is the presence of chromosomal abnormalities in the genetic code of man or woman. To determine the exact diagnosis with the purpose of further treatment, a geneticist can prescribe an examination of the chromosome set of parents and a genetic analysis of the biological material obtained as a result of a missed miscarriage - the product of fertilization.

Another common cause of miscarriage is viral and bacterial infections. Waning immunity during the early stages of pregnancy leads to the fact that woman's body becomes more vulnerable to pathogens and bacteria, the infection of which can lead to miscarriage. Whether the pregnancy will maintain depends on the aggressiveness of the attacking virus or the bacterium, and also (to a large extent) on the duration of gestation.

Unfortunately, sometimes the threat of miscarriage or spontaneous interruption of pregnancy occurs due to the presence of serious chronic diseases, in this situation, a primary screening examination is required. First of all - ultrasound, as well as additional diagnostic studies if necessary. Sometimes doctor prescribes an immunohistochemical study of the endometrium to identify possible causes of embryo implantation abnormality. Depending on how the pregnancy progressed prior to the miscarriage, and also on the basis of an anamnesis of the general state of health, an analysis of antiphospholipid antibodies and hereditary susceptibility to thrombosis may be prescribed. If there are possibilities of abnormalities in the functioning of immune system, the doctor may prescribe a screening examination of the thyroid function in the form of thyrotropin hormone (TSH) analysis and, according to indications, autoimmune antibodies (APPO, AGHT).

All in all, the most important thing is to remember, that pregnancy after miscarriage is possible! There is a number of diagnostic tests that can help identify the cause of miscarriage and allow prescribing an effective treatment based on their results. The faster and more correctly the reasons of miscarriage are identified, the more are the chances for future successful pregnancy. Patients of ISIDA, who have experienced problem of miscarriage, can get qualified help in the specialized department of the clinic - Recurrent pregnancy loss Treatment Center. Experienced specialists of our Center make every effort to correctly identify the causes of failure and to exclude any possibility of its recurrence in the future.