/ / To the stars through difficulties: inspiring story of our patients who have recently welcomed baby twins

To the stars through difficulties: inspiring story of our patients who have recently welcomed baby twins

To the stars through difficulties: inspiring story of our patients who have recently welcomed baby twins

Sometimes, all you need is a bit of faith, encouragement and a good specialist who really knows how to help you. Each story that «touches» our clinic is a unique one, as so the couples who seek treatment in ISIDA. They all have their difficulties and mostly have experienced so much pain in their life, that it is our biggest pride and joy to finally help them make the biggest dream come true – to become parents. Below, you can find a sincere interview with our dear patient Marta, who, together with partner Pawel, welcomed their twins just in the beginning of 2018! It was a thorny path, but they made it through and ready to share their experience with everyone interested:

Dear Marta, to begin with, let us congratulate you on your first months of motherhood! Having twins must be quite exhausting, how is it all going so far?

It took us a while to find some time to put it together, having twins is extremely time consuming. We sometimes wonder how “easy” it must be to look after just one baby…

Sure, being a mother is not an easy job but a very happy one :) So, shall we start from the very beginning? Tell us, why you decided to undergo IVFtreatment?

Well, our story is not a simple one. When we found out we needed IVF to have a baby, it was not the end of the world for us… We were sure that with a bit of help from some medical expert from one of the high tech clinics we would have a baby after first or second cycle and use the remaining frozen embryos to extend our family when we are ready…We thought it was that easy. At first, there were nine follicles growing, after an egg retrieval procedure – only 4 were retrieved. From then it was just downhill – only one embryo was fertilized, but of poor quality, so we rushed for a day two embryo transfer. When 14 days later there was just one line on the pregnancy test, we accepted it patiently. The second, third and fourth cycles were not any better, despite trying different protocols and clinics. We could have kept trying, but we wanted to see some improvements. It was clear to us - the egg quality was the main issue. Therefore, we went for an egg donation. We were sure that with good quality eggs there will be plenty of perfect blastocysts. Well, unfortunately it was not that simple. We felt cheated.

This must be a terrific period of time for you. Did you consider trying other options?

Yes, we started considering adoption, then one day our friend told us «Why cannot you be like Madonna?» It made us think outside the box. We explored all the options and decided to find a one-stop shop for all our problems. If not IVF, then we will go for surrogacy. And this is how we ended up in Ukraine – a perfect place if you are looking for a one-stop shop to deal with infertility legally.

But wasn’t you scared to go to Ukraine?

Not really. As long as we stay away from the war affected regions. People asked us about radiation from Chernobyl disaster, the cost of treatment and possibility of bribery. There is nothing you can do to stop these questions from coming. Just do your own investigation and you will realize - there is really nothing to worry about. We felt in peace with our decision.

Why you decided to choose ISIDA clinic for treatment?

Primarily, ISIDA IVF clinic is clean and well equipped. The beauty of it is that it is actually a hospital dealing with issues from conception to post birth. You can have your full body scan and all the tests done under one roof, we can only compare it to an all-inclusive hotel. There are no secrets on how much tests and treatment cost, everything is reasonably priced and you get an invoice for everything. The list of tests needed in Ukraine is longer in comparison to other countries and you sometimes wonder if they are all required. But you are always welcomed to ask why they are needed and what they have to do with your treatment. All the staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. We felt like being looked after in a holistic way.

And what about the treatment process itself? What are your impressions?

We were assigned to Yuliya as our coordinator and Alina as our treatment doctor. We had some disagreement, but we felt listened and involved in a decision making process. There is something about Dr. Alina - it is impossible not to trust her. She is open and honest. She seems passionate about her work and remains professional even if things do not go as planned. It was our 6th IVF treatment, 2nd with donor eggs and it was successful. In early 2018 our twins were born, a boy and a girl. We cannot express our gratitude to Yuliya and Dr. Alina. This is why we keep them posted with monthly pictures of our children.

Is there anything you would like to say to those people who are dealing with fertility problems?

Actually, no extra words needed here: we highly recommend you ISIDA as a place to go for infertility treatment!

Dear Marta and Pawel! Thank you so much for trusting in ISIDA and letting us make your biggest dream come true! We sincerely hope that your lovely babies will enlighten your life with so much joy and happiness, that one day it will be enough to fade away all the painful memories left of your challenging road to parenthood. And let us hope, that this inspiring story will help other couples to never give up on their cherished dream and always keep moving only forward :)