/ / All you need to know about the spermogram in the ISIDA clinic

All you need to know about the spermogram in the ISIDA clinic

All you need to know about the spermogram in the ISIDA clinic

If the couple has problems with conception of a child, a test for infertility usually begins with a man. It is faster, easier and cheaper. Doctor prescribes the main test – a spermogram.

Spermogram is a laboratory analysis of a male sperm, which is performed to estimate the fertilizing capacity of semen. In addition, the spermogram makes it possible to suggest the existence of chronic, inflammatory, and sometimes even oncological diseases in a reproductive system of a man.

The first indication for ordering the semen test is the absence of children of a couple for 12 months after total refusing from any methods of contraception. Sometimes spermogram is prescribed to estimate the fertility disorders after a man's illnesses. For example, in case of prostatitis, problems in the hormonal system functioning, injuries, some infectious diseases. Test of sperm in such cases allows us to identify men’s abnormalities in the reproductive function in the early stages and prescribe the right treatment.

Basic indicators in the spermogram

  1. The volume of ejaculate is one of the most important characteristics of a man's fertility. The norm is 2 ml or more. A small amount of sperm can become an obstacle for fertilization. If there is a significant reduction in volume, doctor can establish a diagnosis of "oligospermia". The volume of seminal fluid is important in terms of the number of spermatozoa present in it, capable of fertilizing an oocyte.
  2. Concentration of spermatozoa. Normally there should be about 15 million in 1 ml of seminal fluid; at least 32% of them should have normal mobility.
  3. Speed ​​of liquefaction of ejaculate. Increased viscosity of the sperm makes it possible to make an assumption about disorders in the prostate gland.
  4. Morphology of sperm (the number of spermatozoa with a normal structure). If there are problems with reproductive health in the semen of a man, we may observe some sperm anomalies of the structure – sperm cells without a head, with two tails, without tails. Normally, there should be at least 4% of spermatozoa with a normal structure. 

How to prepare for the sperm test

The male sperm reacts quite sensitively to various external factors. Therefore, a single sperm donation for analysis does not give a reliable picture. The vast majority of clinics (when examining a man for infertility) suggests doing this twice, with an interval of about 1 month.

In order for the results to be as reliable as possible, it is necessary to give the semen for test not before than 48 hours after the last sexual contact and not later than a week after it. Two days before the test it is necessary to refuse from drinking, smoking, visiting the sauna and the bath. Man’s fatigue, recently experienced severe stress, the use of certain drugs – all these factors can also affect the results of the spermogram.

Spermogram cost

In the ISIDA clinic, the spermogram can be done as a separate analysis (26.20 EUR), or as part of the complex program "Examination before ART for men". ISIDA divides your financial expenses, offering you a guaranteed 50% discount for that check-up program, so its price is 58.00 EUR.

The high level of accuracy of spermogram results, which is done in the ISIDA clinic, was confirmed in 2017 by the German clinic at the University of Westphalia. Wilhelm (Mönster, Germany). The certificate, which ISIDA clinic has received after evaluating its diagnostic capabilities, confirms the ability of ISIDA to perform sperm analysis at a level corresponding to European quality standards.