/ / «After losing two children, I dreamed of a new pregnancy» - Oksana Z. shares her story about recurrent miscarriage

«After losing two children, I dreamed of a new pregnancy» - Oksana Z. shares her story about recurrent miscarriage

«After losing two children, I dreamed of a new pregnancy» - Oksana Z. shares her story about recurrent miscarriage

Hardly there is something worse for a future mother than the loss of her unborn baby. But the real tragedy starts with the diagnosis of "recurrent pregnancy loss" - a serious and fearful challenge that not every woman is able to cope with...

It is not easy to read the story of our patient Oksana Z.. An unbearable pain of irretrievable losses is hidden behind every word, every sentence. Oksana, for reasons that for a very long time remained unclear, lost two children, but this painful experience did not let her down nor fade away her hope for the birth of a child:

«My first child died in labor. He died as soon as contractions began, although, the day before delivery, I visited my doctor, and he said that nor me neither my baby have any problems with health. The cause for miscarriage was unclear. Complete absence of any obvious pathologies, the autopsy also did not reveal the reason my child died. The only odd thing was my old placenta, but the doctors could not explain its premature aging.

Seven years later I became pregnant again and gave birth to a baby girl. My daughter was born a little earlier then the scheduled date, there were some problems with her health, but, in general, everything was fine. My third child was born on the 35th week of pregnancy, he fought for his life for two months. However, despite all the efforts of doctors, he lost the fight ... And yet again - no justified reason for his death.

I realized that there is something wrong with my body, that there should be a reason for my children to die.. My husband, after all that we went through, did not even want to hear about another pregnancy. But I really wanted a second child, very much! Therefore, preparing for my next pregnancy, I took examinations for all infections, doctors checked my body in all possible ways. Their opinion was unequivocal: I am healthy and can have a healthy child. So my last pregnancy began. I realized that this must be my last pregnancy, I was already 40 years old, and in case of another tragedy, I will not find any physical or mental strength for another try.

I started elaborately looking for a clinic to observe my pregnancy. I did not want to find just a good doctor, I was looking for a specialized clinic with a whole range of services and experience in monitoring difficult pregnancies. This is how I found ISIDA. Exactly here, for the very first time I heard about the problem with my blood clotting system. This problem appeared only during pregnancy, in its second half, it led to premature aging of placenta, chronic oxygen starvation of my children and resulted in tragic finale.

Immediately after the registration, a specialist with experience in such problems started supervising me. I scrupulously followed all the doctor's prescriptions aimed at stabilizing my hematopoiesis and ... feared for the life of my child.

Our son was born a little before the term, at 38 weeks of pregnancy. And immediately one of the best neonatologists in Ukraine was invited to monitor him. Neither me, nor my husband or any of my relatives had to look for a specialist and ask for a consultation, everything was done in ISIDA "automatically", I even didn’t notice it; I could only dream of such high level of medical service. More specifically, when I looked for the clinic to supervise my pregnancy, exactly because of this high level of service I preferred ISIDA to other clinics. But I did not think it will include postnatal care of my child as well.

Our son is now 7 years old and the only problem that we are dealing with is the consequences of my fears that I experienced during pregnancy. My child survived them alongside with me, now we are getting rid of them with the help of a psychologist. As for everything else, he is an absolutely healthy kid, and I am very grateful to the doctors of ISIDA clinic for his life».

We are incredibly happy that the long-awaited dream of our brave patient finally came true - this is the greatest reward for everyone who helped to make this miracle happen! We sincerely hope that this inspiring story will give confidence and faith for the best to all women and couples who day after day fight for their biggest dream of becoming parents. May all your wishes come true!