/ / The effectiveness of infertility treatment in ISIDA clinic – 86.1%!

The effectiveness of infertility treatment in ISIDA clinic – 86.1%!

The effectiveness of infertility treatment in ISIDA clinic – 86.1%!

ISIDA IVF clinic is the leading medical institution in Eastern Europe in the field of treatment of all forms of female and male infertility. This is confirmed by high rates of treatment effectiveness. Over the past 5 years, the clinic has conducted 5,456 cycles to patients from 77 countries, and the pregnancy rate was 86.1%. Statistics of positive treatment results correspond to the best indicator of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE).

Such a high effectiveness of infertility treatment is affected by many factors. First of all, this is the long-term experience of our qualified embryologists who specialize in infertility problems and constantly improve their professional level, engage in scientific activities and attend international forums. Moreover, our doctors work on modern European treatment protocols used in the best clinics in the world.

An important role in the effectiveness of treatment is the presence of its own high-tech embryology laboratory, which carries out the clinical and genetic research as well as the micromanipulation that is used in IVF, ICSI, TESE, PGD and cryopreservation procedures. The level of equipment of the laboratory allows specialists to apply the most advanced techniques that increase the chance of pregnancy. In addition, the clinic works exclusively with the leaders of the pharmaceutical market, using in the process of treatment only the highest quality medicines.

Another key component is the careful selection of oocyte donors. With age, the possibilities of the egg cell of a woman decrease, and at the same time the risks of fetal pathologies increase. In such cases, the ISIDA clinic offers a donor program, in which the chances of pregnancy are very high. Oocyte donors for our patients can become only the young and healthy women with confirmed fertility.

The use of modern medical technologies, versatile clinical experience of doctors and a comprehensive approach in the treatment of infertility allow us to achieve maximum results and give long-awaited happiness to each of our patients!