/ / IVF with donor oocytes in ISIDA: effective and affordable

IVF with donor oocytes in ISIDA: effective and affordable

IVF with donor oocytes in ISIDA: effective and affordable

Many foreign patients who turn to ISIDA clinic have an unsuccessful experience of long-term infertility treatment in their home country. For such pairs, the use of donor oocytes is the most effective method of treatment and the only chance to give birth to a long-awaited child.

There are several prescriptions for oocyte donation. A donor egg is necessary in cases when the patient has insufficient quantity or quality of her own cells for pregnancy. The second reason for using donor cells is the high risk of transmission of genetic pathologies to the fetus, which can be detected through genetic screening.

To date, in ISIDA clinic, the effectiveness of programs with donated eggs is 56% in one cycle, but in three donation cycles, the effectiveness of treatment is much higher – 86%. Such indicators correspond to the best results of leading world clinics in the treatment of infertility. Although foreign patients choose ISIDA not only because of the high level of medical services and effective treatment, but also because of the price policy. Prices for donor programs in ISIDA clinic in Ukraine are much lower than in Europe or the US. Thus, the cost of IVF using donor oocytes (up to 16 cells) and medications for the recipient will be 4,923.00 EUR. The cost of donor selection and its stimulation is included in the total cost of treatment.

Another advantage is the extensive donor base, which includes 860 people and is replenished on a monthly basis. Candidates undergo thorough medical, psychological, genetic and gynecological checks for compliance with donor requirements. Donors can become physically and mentally healthy women, without bad habits, at the age of 20-32 years old, already having healthy children. Only after a thorough examination they can be included in our database.

To those patients who are recommended for treatment with donation, we select a donor that best suits the phenotypic characteristics (height, weight, blood type, hair color and eyes). Then the child will be able to inherit the desired features and will be as similar to the parents as possible.

High indicators of the effectiveness of donor cycles, the possibility to start treatment without waiting, an extensive donor base and an affordable price – thanks to these factors, foreign patients are increasingly choosing ISIDA clinic for infertility treatment.