/ / ISIDA Clinic: an integrated approach to the treatment of infertility

ISIDA Clinic: an integrated approach to the treatment of infertility

ISIDA Clinic: an integrated approach to the treatment of infertility

ISIDA clinic is a full-cycle medical institution that specializes in the treatment of infertility, obstetrics, gynecology, mammology and pediatrics. To date, ISIDA is a network of 4 clinics (a hospital and three outpatient clinics) with a total area of almost 11,000 m2, equipped with the latest diagnostic, laboratory and medical equipment. Already, more than 700 employees work in the main clinic and departments, which makes ISIDA clinic one of the largest private clinics not only in Ukraine, but throughout Eastern Europe.

The main direction of the clinic is treatment of all forms of female and male infertility. Over 25 years of operation, the range of activities of the clinic has significantly expanded, and today we are also successfully dealing with issues of women's health (adult and children's gynecology, prevention, operative gynecology, breast health), diagnosis, planning and management of pregnancy, childbirth and child health.

ISIDA was one of the first in the country to master assisted reproductive technologies, which gave hope for the birth of a child in those cases of infertility, which previously were considered to be hopeless. We are still using the latest techniques and technologies for infertility treatment, operative treatment of gynecological diseases, nursing premature babies.

The entire large team of the clinic is working to realize your dream of successful conception, the normal course of pregnancy and the birth of a healthy baby. Many years of experience, the latest equipment, our own laboratories, where clinical and genetic studies are conducted, patient karyotype and PGD-diagnosis of the embryo, operating for additional diagnosis or correction with the help of endoscopic methods, modern individual maternity rooms, comfortable conditions of stay and perfect service – all this was combined for your health and the health of your baby.

Each of our doctors is a professional with many years of experience, most of which have the highest qualification category, many – a scientific degree in medicine. Doctors constantly undergo training abroad, they are members of the international professional associations, as well as train their colleagues from other medical centers.

Over the long years of work, the specialists of the clinic made it possible to feel the joy of motherhood and restore the health and harmony of life to tens of thousands of women. ISIDA clinic is an integrated approach to solve the problem of infertility, high quality of medical services and the highest European level service!