/ / Center for the treatment of recurrent pregnancy lost in ISIDA clinic

Center for the treatment of recurrent pregnancy lost in ISIDA clinic

Center for the treatment of recurrent pregnancy lost in ISIDA clinic

ISIDA IVF clinic is used not only by those patients who have difficulties with conception of a child, but also those who have faced the problem of recurrent pregnancy lost. Examination and treatment of patients with this reproductive problem should be conducted on the basis of specialized institutions with relevant experience and the possibility of undertaking all necessary research and interventions. Such a medical institution is Center for the treatment of recurrent pregnancy lost in ISIDA clinic, whose specialists help in solving reproductive problems at any stage – from primary treatment to birth.

Center for the treatment of recurrent pregnancy lost, created on the basis of ISIDA clinic, has unique advantages:

  • Comprehensive approach. Endoscopic surgical examination and treatment of patients with fertility disorders is performed in the gynecological department of ISIDA. A variety of modern reproductive technologies are used for treatment, in particular pre-implantation genetic diagnosis. Consultative reception, ultrasound, all necessary tests and follow-up are possible in all outpatient departments of the medical center.
  • Experience and professionalism. Specialists of the Center have considerable experience in the field of treatment of recurrent pregnancy lost. Training and practical internship of the Center's doctors in leading world clinics made it possible to implement a unified approach to the diagnosis and treatment of reproductive disorders.
  • Own laboratories. The presence of our own clinico-diagnostic and molecular-cytogenetic laboratories makes it possible to conduct research in any clinic, in particular genetic, morphological and immunological researches.
  • Psychological support. Qualified specialists of the Center for Psychology of ISIDA clinic help to cope with the negative experience of recurrent pregnancy lost and believe with all your heart that maternity is possible.

Specialized reception for recurrent pregnancy lost and other fertility disorders the doctors of the Center carry out every day. We make every effort to determine the cause, choose a method of treatment and prevent repeated pregnancy disruptions. Turning to ISIDA clinic, you can count on an individual approach to your problem and qualified assistance of our experts!