Treatment success

High treatment success rates in ISIDA are ensured by a number of factors, which are experience of the doctors, appropriate arrangement of the embryology lab's work, advanced treatment protocols used in the world’s leading clinics etc.

Key to successful pregnancy is the potential of embryos to be transferred into the uterus. Thanks to continuous embryo monitoring and professionalism of embryologists we guarantee a correct estimate of the embryonic development stage and state.

Another important factor is the age of the future mother. As woman gets older, potential of her eggs reduces and risk for a baby to be born with abnormalities increases. In this case ISIDA suggests donation treatment by which the chances of achieving pregnancy are very high.

Factors contributing to treatment success:

On the part of the clinic:

Doctors’ experience: our doctors have extensive experience in treating patients with infertility problems, and constantly improve their professional level by engaging in scientific activities and participating in international training sessions.

Treatment protocols: we are working according to the European treatment protocols.

Rigorously selected donors: only young and healthy women with confirmed fertility can become oocytes donors.

Medications quality: ISIDA cooperates only with the leading pharmaceutical companies.

Equipment: ISIDA uses the newest equipment that allows performing the most advanced treatment which increases the chances of achieving pregnancy.

On the part of the patient:

The chances of pregnancy largely depend on the age

IVF treatment using own eggs

Treatment using donor eggs

If you are over 40, use of donor eggs may significantly increase treatment success.

In some cases, to achieve pregnancy patients MUST undergo additional diagnostic and treatment procedures:

  • Extended histological examination of endometrial and cervical abnormalities, Immunohistochemistry Analysis (IHC)
  • Surgical removal of defects in the uterus

ISIDA has been certified as the Highest Category Medical Institution and is permitted to perform complex invasive procedures.