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Based on completed form and diagnostic results, the doctor will make suggestions regarding the appropriate treatment during your preliminary consultation.

waiting list

Our clinic has a growing database of rigorously selected donors who are always ready to be involved in the program.


If you are recommended a treatment with donor oocytes, you will be required to come to Ukraine for only 5-6 days.


You may return home just in a couple of hours following the embryo transfer. You will be informed about the treatment result back at home.

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Blessing 17 January 2017
Blessing 17 Jan 2017

The services are good, great doctor and service manager

Savita 27 December 2016
Savita 27 Dec 2016

It`s a good clinic, fully equipped with all modern treatment facilities. Ambience is good. Dr Svetlana is very friendly + cooperative..

My coordinator Anna was very cordial, cooperative and helpful. Highly recommended hospital. Treatment is at par with UK and USA.

Jane 14 December 2016
Jane 14 Dec 2016

ISIDA clinic is a top-notch medical center. Our experience has been filled with impecable service (doctors, nurses, cleaning staff) basically everyone who works here...

ISIDA clinic is a top-notch medical center. Our experience has been filled with impecable service (doctors, nurses, cleaning staff) basically everyone who works here.

They were attentive to smallest details and made sure our comfort was the first priority. The level of professionalism is unmatchable.

Mave 20 October 2016
Mave 20 Oct 2016

I love your treatment me here. People very soo good...

Everybody was very nice. I like it.

Louise 20 October 2016
Louise 20 Oct 2016

Anna was extremely supportive and helpful. As I cannot speak Ukrainian, she helped me and answered my questions very quickly. I really appreciated her support and her friendly manner. I felt comfortable for most of the time throughout my IVF cycle of treatment...

Thank you ISIDA and Anna!

Tom 28 September 2016
Tom 28 Sep 2016

Medical care was excellent. The nurses and drs very professional & friendly. All the most important things were done well.

Sebastien 28 September 2016
Sebastien 28 Sep 2016

A wonderful place to have our second daughter in. Staff is helpful and competent. A good experience.

Laure & Andreas 15 June 2016
Laure & Andreas 15 Jun 2016

Isida nous a donné énormément en nous offrant la possibilité d' avoir un enfant!!!... L'équipe de la clinique Isida est Exceptionnelle..... ,Professionnelle ...., Chaleureuse...., Compréhensive.... pour nous aider jour après jour dans ce merveilleux chemin .

Dt Victor nous transmet toute sa chaleur humaine ,son extrème gentillesse,   Il a  des compétences énorme,et  nous pensons qu'il est le MEILLEUR!!...

Larissa nous a  entouré ,écouté , avec tant de discrétion et d'amour.... Nous ne pourrons jamais assez les remercier pour tout ce 

qu'ils ont fait pour nous .... Notre gratitude pour eux est immense !!!.....Merci...... Merci....Merci....

Professor David Baider 10 May 2016
Professor David Baider 10 May 2016

For over 12 years (since 2003) ISIDA Hospital is collaborating with a group of Israeli gynecologists, nurses and reproductive biologists mainly in the field of IVF and ART.

At the outset of their work in ISIDA Professor Bider David and professor Levron Jacob helped considerably to upgrade our small IVF unit into the biggest and most advanced center in Ukraine. At 2005 ISIDA clinic moved to a new location known today as The ISIDA Center of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Fertility. 

Ever since ISIDA Hospital has become a modern and sophisticated center which incorporates modern medical knowledge and technologies and possess a European ISO 9000 accreditation certificate. 

Every year about 800 of foreign patients are treated in our hospital. These patients are referred mainly from Israel, Italy, UK as well as from north America and occasionally even from Australia. Leading specialists from all over the world refer their patients for IVF, PGD, egg donation and surrogacy treatments at ISIDA. The clinic provides advanced endoscopic surgical procedures and has excellent Obstetrics and genetic services.

Shaya 04 December 2015
Shaya 04 Dec 2015

We heart about ISIDA from our Israeli friends that faced the same problem as we did.

At the beginning we had doubts whether to come to Ukraine for treatment but at the end  were convinced by our friends’ example. IVF treatment cost affordable money and we received the high level of service and, what is most important, desired result. I strongly recommend this clinic to all who can not conceive but can not find a solution within Israel.

Efsun and Ilhan 14 October 2015
Efsun and Ilhan 14 Oct 2015

We are incredibly grateful to Svetlana Turbanist and ISIDA – after 4 years of unsuccessful attempts of making a child, I finally conceived!

The very first attempt of IVF treatment at ISIDA was successful and now I am a mother of beautiful twins. The pregnancy went smooth but despite the fact I didn’t require special care, at ISIDA I was surrounded with anxiety, warmth and best expertise.

Maria and Sergio 21 September 2015
Maria and Sergio 21 Sep 2015

Having a child was a dream of my life for last 7 years. I don’t know why but the decision of IVF came only in 2013. And now my daughter is looking at me from her bed.

I can not express how much I appreciate ISIDA and especially Alina Palamarchuk for my baby and my dream. Alina prescribed the right treatment for us and assured that it would work.  Before the treatment doctor wrote us emails and we went through couple of online consultations with her receiving the answers. Now we are a happy parents and this happened because of professional help of this doctor and her faith. We wish Alina all the best from our heart! THANK YOU!

Andrea Beard Conrath 18 September 2015
Andrea Beard Conrath 18 Sep 2015

It was twelve years ago, this time of year, we made our preparations to travel to ISIDA for DE-IVF cycle, after failing here in the US 4 cycles.

The care and attention we received from the ISIDA staff was unmatched by any I have experienced here in the US. Also their medical treatment and facilities was completely the latest technology - they discovered an issue I was having and treated with drug while there, which I believe helped us to achieve our dream of having a family...

Emilia 08 August 2015
Emilia 08 Aug 2015

To become a mother was my dream for many years. I went many things trough to convert this dream into reality.

Fortunately my efforts were not of no effect. I can proudly say now that I AM A MOTHER,  mother of a wonderful son. My dream became a reality. And I thank ISIDA for this reality!

I thank every everybody who works at this clinic. But there are some people I’d like to express heartless gratitude. To Kseniya Hazhylenko for comfort and feeling of peace. To Svetlana Shiyanova for her help and support. And to Victor Zinchenko for the main dream of my life – my child!
May all your dreams come true as did my!

Lorna & Nik 15 July 2015
Lorna & Nik 15 Jul 2015

We would like to thank you for all your advice and support, especially Doctor Zinchenko to make these two wonderful little miracle babies happen.

ISIDA is the largest private woman's health and family planning center in Ukraine.

ISIDA is the largest private woman's health and family planning center in Ukraine.

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